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News for Florida's Seniors About Surfside Tragedy and Pending Statewide Condo Inspections

  1. News for Florida's Seniors About Surfside Tragedy and Pending Statewide Condo Inspections Sam Yates 19:42

Effective January 2025, Florida condominiums owned by seniors and others, will be subject to major inspections based on the age of the building. The inspections may results in condo associations being saddled with repair and maintenance costs into the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

Greg Batista, CEO, G. Batista Engineering and Construction, tells Great American Senior Show Host and Anchorman Sam Yates, a new Florida law leaves condo owners with no excuse on keeping aging condos up to code and free from defects. 

Batista also shares his own personal experience with his inspection of the Champlain Towers in Surfside prior to the condo collapse that claimed the lives of 99 people. His comments were very foretelling of the disaster that was very preventable. 

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The Great American Senior Show podcast is produced by Yates & Associates, Public Relations & Marketing. This podcast is part of the network of podcasts streaming under the umbrella of the Pod National News Network. For more information about Yates & Associates or the Pod National News Network, contact Sam Yates at (772) 528-5185 or Sam@Yatespro.com. Sponsorship opportunities are available. The Great American Senior Show is ranked 3rd Best in Senior Podcasts to Follow for 2023 in all podcasts for seniors in a comprehensive survey by feedspot.
30 Best Senior Podcasts You Must Follow in 2023 (feedspot.com)

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Sam Yates CEO, The Great American Senior Show

Sam Yates, President, Yates & Associates, Public Relations & Marketing is the Host and Founder of The Great American Senior Show podcast. Heard throughout the USA and 31 countries, The Great American Senior Show is one of the most sought out podcasts for boomers and those who provide services to the boom generation. Yates, a seasoned broadcast journalist, also hosts The Florida Business Forum, Florida's Number One Rated Business Forum Podcast. Yates is also the owner of America's Best Podcast Agency which focuses on podcast training and guest placements.

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