1. Jennifer Marvin Marisa 24:35

Jennifer Marvin is Vice President of Women in Engineering at Online Leadership Training, a career Coaching and leadership training company and a Senior Project Engineer at The Boeing Company.  She is also the Founder and Owner of BossBabe Yoga a boutique yoga studio near Seattle, Washington. Jennifer also serves as the President-Elect of Housing Hope a non-profit ending homelessness.

Jen makes mental health a priority following her brother’s death to suicude and her own diagnosed mental health issues. She is a mentor to young woman who suffer from bipolar disorder and a coach for women leaders.

BossBabe Yoga currently just on Facebook

Marissa Jones Mindset Coach, Mental Health Advocate and Host of Women CEO In Reflection

Marisa Jones is a teacher, community builder and Mindset Coach. After leading a successful career as an architect and strategic advisor leading global multimillion dollar technology projects, she published her memoir “The Lotus Tattoo: One Woman’s Grit from Bully to Redemption” in 2019 and now focuses on helping individuals balance mental health challenges with career success through her 1-1 coaching programs and corporate workshops.

Marisa is also the the host of Women CEO In Reflection, a podcast where women business leaders of our world get candid about mental health.