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Manifesting with Meg & Tami Muller- Ep 131 From a Place of Worthiness, You Will Blossom

  1. Manifesting with Meg & Tami Muller- Ep 131 From a Place of Worthiness, You Will Blossom Meg Nocero 45:10

Tami Muller is an international speaker in positive psychology, happiness, and well-being and the author of How To Be On A Diet For 45 Years And Never Be Thin- A Practical Guide To Freedom And Happiness” Amazon Beat seller in 3 categories, including self-help – body Image. Her commitment to spreading happiness led to the foundation of the International Happiness Studies Academy Alumni and Business Club, impacting over 1,500 members globally. Through engaging talks and practical workshops, Tami empowers others to live a joyful, meaningful life.

Show Notes:
00:01:05 Season 7—Live, Love, Laugh & Play
00:01:17 Theme-From a Place of Worthiness, You Will Blossom
00:02:10 Introducing Tami
00:03:57 Tami’s Book Journey
00:04:59 Stories Connected to Appreciative Inquiry
00:07:00 Tami’s Book Cover
00:10:09 Quote of the Day
00:14:38 Why Tami Wrote this Book
00:16:46In Conversation with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, HSA
00:20:20 Tami’s Inspirational Quotes
00:25:33 Let’s Talk About Mattering
00:26:32 Active Acceptance
00:29:04 The Happiness Revolution in Action
00:30:24MGTB Intention & Insight
00:31:12 Intentions
00:32:39 Insight- Enough-Live your Life Already!
00:36:14 Tami’s Manifesting Tools
00:39:43 Tami’s Inspiration
00:40:48Contact Tami
00:42:48The Takeaway
00:43:52Connections are Key!

Contact Tami Muller
FB tamimuller
IG @tamilevinemuller

SEASON 7: Live, Laugh, Love & Play

Conversations with Extraordinary People is a YouTube video and podcast based on The Magical Guide to Bliss. It guides the listener through the year with empowering conversations. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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Meg Nocero Award winning author & podcast host, Happiness Expert

Meg Nocero is a former trial attorney turned TEDx inspirational speaker, empowerment coach, and award-winning author of three books: The Magical Guide to Bliss, Sparkle & Shine, and Butterfly Awakens: A Memoir of Transformation Through Grief. Nocero appeared on stage in Miami with Oprah in 2014, on CNN Español, BookCon live, podcasts, and online media such as MSNBC, CBS, Boston Herald, and Chicago Tribune. She hosts a YouTube channel, Manifesting with Meg: Conversations with Extraordinary People podcast, and an IG Live called Amazing Authors. She also founded the award-winning S.H.I.N.E. Networking Inc., a nonprofit that hosts uplifting networking events and provides educational scholarships to young, innovative leaders in her community. She’s the current Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association of South Florida’s Wellness Committee and a candidate for the first Masters in Applied Happiness Studies at Centenary University. She writes an inspirational monthly Substack newsletter @megnocero. Contact her at megnocero@mac.com. She is working on a screenplay for Butterfly Awakens and her debut novel, The Sunrise of a Soul’s Bliss.

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