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April 17th, 2024

What It's Like To Embrace Tiny Living

  1. What It's Like To Embrace Tiny Living Laura Lynch 30:57

Interest in “tiny living” is getting bigger.  But what is it, really–what are the benefits, and what do you sacrifice by “going small”?  Tiny house enthusiast Laura Lynch shares what inspired her to trade in her 2300-square-foot house for a home about one-fifth that size; the process of downsizing  (“do you own your stuff,  or does your stuff own you?”); and the wonderfully supportive “tiny” community (of people living in not just small homes, but also vans, schoolies, RVs, and more).  Laura also is a financial planner and helps others with the practical matters involved in transitioning their lifestyles.  Going tiny gave Laura the freedom and opportunities to follow her passions–which she never would have had if she'd been locked in to paying off her big house for years and years. Laura is the host of a podcast called “Less House, More Moola.”

In this episode:

02:06–What is tiny living?
05:21–The benefits of having less space
07:46–The process of downsizing: why do I get value out of these things?
11:55–Reasons why people “go tiny”: finances, sustainability, simplicity, lifestyle, the housing shortage
14:43–Luxury elements included some tiny homes
15:36–Legalization of building tiny homes
18:50–People of all ages are going tiny
21:12–Focus on your values: what is really important to you?
25:03–Traits common to most tiny living enthusiasts
26:41–What Laura misses from her big house; comparing living in her big house to her tiny house

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Elizabeth Pearson Garr has spent a lot of her life asking questions. A daughter of a professor and a principal, as a kid she loved sitting at the “adult table” during their dinner parties so she could participate in the “real” conversations.

Elizabeth went on to graduate with honors from Harvard with a degree in History and Literature, and promptly attended professional cooking school to become a food writer. That led to various career opportunities, including becoming one of the first employees of the Television Food Network; writing/producing gigs at networks from PBS to E!; anchoring/reporting at the NBC affiliate in Billings, Montana; earning a graduate degree in Documentary Film & Video from Stanford University; and various and sundry other things. The through-line to all this has been curiosity. Elizabeth is a skilled interviewer who loves diving deep into research, finding connections, and telling good stories.

Elizabeth has a husband, two daughters, and a fluffy white dog who rarely leaves her side.

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