1. Kebe Broadnax: Seniors Helping Seniors - A Heartwarming Franchise Making a Difference Marianne Bailey 11:39

The Hip Senior Podcast: Seniors Helping Seniors with Kebe Broadnax

In this episode of The Hip Senior Podcast, host Marianne Bailey interviews Kebe Broadnax, co-owner of Seniors Helping Seniors in Hampton Roads, Virginia. They discuss how Kebe and her partner Benjamin Sawyer first got involved in the senior care franchise, their notable growth, and response to the challenges brought by the COVID pandemic. Kebe shares their plans for future relations with the VA administration, aiming to expand their service reach in the veterans community. Viewers are also treated to some inspiring success stories, including Kebe’s Everyday Hero award from a local PBS news station. Tune in for more information on how Seniors Helping Seniors is making a difference in home care.

00:23 Introduction and Welcome

01:06 Kebe Broadnax’s Journey into Seniors Helping Seniors

03:36 Impact of COVID-19 on In-Home Care

06:08 Inspirational Stories from Seniors Helping Seniors

08:52 Future Plans for Seniors Helping Seniors

09:51 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

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Marianne Bailey The HIP Senior Founder

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