1. Never Give Up, No Matter What with Debbie Lee, CEO and Founder of America's Mighty Warriors Mary Fichtner 1:19:58

Debbie Lee, or Momma Lee as her son's Seal Team calls her, has walked through the hardest things in life. Instead of giving up or becoming bitter she chooses to walk with God and hold on to her faith.  She believes the key is NEVER giving up.  Debbie is a stellar example of turning pain into purpose with America's Mighty Warriors Foundation and sharing her story. She took her greatest loss and is giving back to others to help them survive. This story will buck you right off your horse of excuses, so hold on tight!


Listen here! https://truestoriesofcowgirlcourage.buzzsprout.com

Growing up in the Western culture and being the wife of a soldier and mother of four has gifted me with faith, independence, resilience, and conviction. I have a passion for writing and storytelling because I believe storytelling is the most powerful tool we have for learning and growing as an individual. It has been my mission for the last seven years to write Western Children's books with life lessons and over the last two I discovered podcasts and felt called to share stories of brave women who have overcome huge obstacles to live their best lives.