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Faye Joseph (1928 — 2019)

Faye Joseph (90)
Date of Birth November 7, 1928
Birthplace Columbus, Ohio
Date of Passing August 15, 2019
Place of Passing Scottsdale, Arizona

Faye’s parents were Esther and Joseph Topolosky. She had two older brothers, Irv and Sanford. Faye grew up in Columbus, Ohio and attended Ohio State University where she met her husband of over 60 years, Stanley Joseph. Stan swept her off her feet and they moved to his home town of Zanesville, Ohio, where he was in the scrap business with his brother. It just so happens that Faye’s father was also in the scrap business…

Faye and Stan had two sons, Marc and Larry and when both sons went off to college, Faye and Stan got out of the scrap business and moved to Florida, where Marc had relocated. Faye’s influence on her grandkids, Brent, Erin, Angie and Mandy is where she left her legacy. She also was a major force in bringing joy into the lives of her and Stan’s nephews and nieces as well as their children. She and Stan taught many relatives how to play tennis, how to swim and how to ski.

Faye and Stan then moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where Marc and his wife Cathy had relocated. Faye spent 21 years in Scottsdale before her passing. Faye is the legacy example of how a grandmother can have a major influence on the generations that follow her. The grandkids and great-grandkids  still talk about how positive she was, how she was always smiling, how great a cook she was who was constantly teaching them, and how they carry a piece of her in their positive outlook of life.

Published by Marc Joseph
on October 9, 2023 (9 months ago)
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