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May 8th, 2024

Episode 64 | The Secret to Getting Publicity Without Paying For an Agency or Having a Huge Following with Simone Sauter

  1. Episode 64 | The Secret to Getting Publicity Without Paying For an Agency or Having a Huge Following with Simone Sauter Showing Up Solo 28:01

News flash, PR is NOT just for big brands, as a solopreneur you can take charge of your PR with 6 simple steps. 

This week, Hannah and Simone Sauter, PR Expert for Solopreneurs, demystify PR and give you a 6-step strategy to use to get more publicity for your business. 

Simone had a career in journalism and PR before turning to her own solopreneur journey. After trying the methods ‘marketing gurus’ suggested, she developed her Rockstar PR method that delivers results. 

Simone’s Rockstar PR Method:

  1. Rockstar Offer (your foundation)

  2. The Audience (build your media list)

  3. The Hit (grabbing the media’s attention)

  4. The Stage (writing and sending your pitch.)

  5. The Performance (delivering the article.)

  6. The Promotion 

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Ready to find your marketing north star?

Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy with free resources tailored to your unique business journey. Take the free Marketing Compass Quiz today → https://www.showingupsolo.com/quiz 

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Hannah McCormick Marketing Coach & Consultant, Podcast Host

Showing Up Solo started as a way to make marketing more accessible to solopreneurs. Along with business bestie, Nicole, I launched our video podcast in January 2022.  Now over 40 episodes in, I'm taking it to the next level by offering 1:1 marketing coaching!

If you're an online service provider (or want to be one!) but... you're not sure how to find clients online, don't feel quite ready to hit "publish" on your website or don't have a clue where to begin with making a content plan... I can help! Head to showingupsolo.com to learn more.

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