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How To Cure The Virus Of Indifference &Raquo; Glen Alex Headshot C 2022

How to Cure the Virus of Indifference

Learn how you can move toward your highest and best health today: Sadly, humans have not learned from the pandemic. I’m sure you recall that the Corona virus inflicted death, destruction, and massive uncertainty around the globe. People’s lives, routines, and normal sense of security were upended. Add to that the record number of natural […]

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My Experience With Covid &Raquo; Boomertech Banner Feat

My Experience with COVID

This is a Boomer to Boomer cautionary tale because we are all of a certain age: COVID is still floating around, and it is still unpredictable.  Here’s my story with lessons learned. I’ve have avoided COVID for the past three years and have kept current with the vaccinations/boosters available. A lovely family dinner did me […]

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Remote Work Didn’t Recede with Pandemic

The remote work necessitated by COVID may be here to stay in five English-speaking countries from Australia to the United States. That’s the conclusion from a study of 250 million online job ads – nearly half of them in this country. The number of postings in January that offered remote work for one or more […]

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COVID’s Toll on Minorities with Disabilities

It’s been well documented that the COVID recession and layoffs in 2020 were particularly hard on Black, Hispanic, and Latino Americans. But if they had a disabling physical and medical condition, they felt it much more. In a new study examining the cumulative impact of having a disability combined with the disadvantages of being an […]

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Connect with a Senior During the Holidays

Hannah Boulton defies the stereotype of the lonely retiree longing for companionship during the holidays. But after two-plus years of a pandemic, even this dynamic former nurse who’s lived on three continents started feeling a little isolated. Ally Brooks and Hannah Boulton Then she met Ally Brooks, a high school senior, through the Sages and […]

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COVID’s Small Impact on Future Mortality

The most COVID deaths were among Americans over age 60, who accounted for 300,000 of the 500,000 U.S. deaths from the disease in its first year. A new study by the Center for Retirement Research finds, not surprisingly, that the oldest survivors of the early months of the pandemic were healthier than those who died […]

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