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April 9th, 2024

Coffee Chat – CC – HOME Planning Day

  1. Coffee Chat - CC - HOME Planning Day Lisa Woodruff 21:33

You are all adults! Why am I trying to force a square peg into a round hole? There are people writing in saying “I am organized and I’d like to have a planning resource.” So here it is, all by its lonesome. I am breaking up The Productive Home Solution® for you more organized people. My school of thought was I originally wanted you to have all the “school supplies” to set you up for success. I realize you are adults and may want to have access to a planning resource without the resources to learn organization because you have already mastered it. Organize 365® continues to revamp and change. As a teacher, I am a lifelong learner and plan to reiterate as many times as needed to provide the best solutions for you!

Planning Takes Back Your Mental Life

Planning Day is open to everyone!  I’ve learned that planning is a higher level of executive function. It’s like building blocks and you can’t effectively plan until you have the basics down. Once you have the executive functions in place to organize, you can move on to planning. Planning makes room for productivity. Look at any productive person, that person that seems to have more hours in their day. At some point they have planned their time to have the outcome of so much productivity. There are plenty of decluttering challenges and productivity solutions, but Planning Day offers the actual skill of organizing life for productivity. 

Planning Day Is Open To Everyone!

I want you to start planning for longer chunks of time. I will show you how to plan further out than just tomorrow or this week. In Planning Day, we are going to think about summer – May, June, July, and August! In summer, we eat differently, play differently, work differently, and it feels good to have a plan in place for those different habits. In your Planning Day workbook, we are going to look at your current habits. But I will challenge you to think about changes you want to make. Maybe since the kids will be home for summer, you’ll want to workout before they get up – but you aren’t currently doing that. Also, you may discover you want to implement a new behavior. Do you know 45% of our life is habitual? I will help you decide what 1 or 2 new habits you want to focus on. Small changes over the course of time prevent overwhelm and result in productivity. 

While you are registering for Planning Day, check out all the bundles and incentives we are currently offering.


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Lisa Woodruff Founder & CEO of Organize 365®

Lisa Woodruff is the founder & CEO of Organize 365®.

Lisa, along with 87% of America, believes organization is a learnable skill. Yet less than 18% of those same Americans feel they are organized. Through The Productive Home Solution course, Lisa aims to teach Americans young and old the skill of organizing and unlocking their time for what they are uniquely created to do.

As the host of the top-rated Organize 365® Podcast (which has 17 million downloads and counting) Lisa shares strategies for reducing the overwhelm, clearing the mental clutter, and living a productive and organized life. Her sensible and doable organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable personality make you feel as though she is right there beside you; helping you get organized as you laugh and cry together.

Under Lisa’s direction, Organize 365® has conducted academic research establishing the definitions of housework, home organization and the weight of paper in the American home. This ongoing research is making the invisible work at home visible to all. The goal is to eliminate it and free people from the monotonous tasks of daily living; and unlock their time for what they are uniquely created to bring forth in the world.

She is the author of four books including: How ADHD Affects Home Organization and The Paper Solution. Lisa’s understanding of the lived female American experience has helped her to create products & courses like the Sunday Basket®. These products and courses externalize the routine tasks that take up the executive functioning capacity of our brains; freeing us up to think and create again!

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