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Handling Stress And Indecision &Raquo; Handling Stress Indecision Deborah Johnson 150X150 1

Handling Stress and Indecision

In January of 2024, Brian Chesky was rated the 232nd richest person in the world, according to Forbes and some of his success can be attributed to handling stress. In October 2007 the Industrial Designers Society of America was hosting a conference in San Francisco and all the hotel rooms were booked. Brian and his […]

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Hand Analysis And Living In Alignment &Raquo; Living In Alignment Jayne Sanders Deborah Johnson 150X150 1

Hand Analysis and Living in Alignment

Have you ever encountered someone who delves into the intricacies of hand analysis to focus on living in alignment? Perhaps you’ve come across the term “scientific hand analysis” but aren’t quite sure what it entails. Like many, I initially associated hand analysis with the mysticism of palm reading often found in fairground booths. However, I […]

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Would You Like A 90 Second Hack To Smash Limiting Beliefs? &Raquo; Logo The Accountability Coach

Would you like a 90 second hack to smash limiting beliefs?

Would you like a 90 second hack to smash limiting beliefs? If yes, you need to listen to my interview with Katarina Polonska, Behavioral Scientist, Relationship Coach and Gender Dynamics Scientist. I know you will find my special guest to be very knowledgeable as it relates to the entrepreneur’s mindset and smashing our limiting beliefs… […]

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Celebrating Moms &Raquo; Celebrating Moms Deborah Johnson 150X150 1

Celebrating Moms

For an article focused on celebrating moms, I could cover the history of Mother’s Day with Anna Jarvis in 1908 with it becoming an official U.S. holiday in 1914, but that information is readily available. So, I decided to focus on the practical aspects and emotion of the day and what it has meant to […]

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Monitoring Heart Rate Variability: A Key To Longevity &Raquo; 2329

Monitoring Heart Rate Variability: A Key to Longevity

On this Living to 100 Club podcast, we invite Dr. Torkil Faero to discuss the value of monitoring our heart rate variability. Dr. Faero’s latest best-selling book, The Pulse Cure, focuses on the strategies to staying healthy. It explains how to use a smart watch or other wearable device to monitor heart rate variability. We […]

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