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Champions Of Equality &Raquo; Glen Alex Headshot C 2022

Champions of Equality

Learn how you can move toward your highest and best health today: Do What You Love; Rewards Follow It was my honor and privilege to represent the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Intermountain at the inaugural Champions of Equality event, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of equal prize money at the US Open. Though it […]

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An Author’s Life and Receiving Reviews

Nothing puts an author’s teeth on edge quite like waiting for the editorial reviews to start coming in when their book is finally published. These are reviews by unbiased readers giving their honest opinion of the author’s work. I think it’s only fair to share all of my reviews, not just the good ones. So, […]

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From Writer’s Remorse to #1 Best Seller

I am honored and humbled to announce that my second book, “The Reluctant Ninja: How A Middle-Aged Princess Became A Warrior Queen,” hit #1 Amazon Best Seller in not one, not two, but three categories at the end of February, just in time for the first anniversary of its release. On the other hand, the […]

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The Reluctant Ninja and the Big Reveal

For the past five years I have been busy working on my next book, The Reluctant Ninja: How A Middle-Aged Princess Became a Warrior Queen. The book chronicles my journey in the male-dominated, testosterone-infested, strange new world of men and martial arts. It was a wild ride, and the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. […]

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