1. Times are hard for a writer when the question is postage or paper? with author, musician, and chef Paul Carpenter Sheila West 54:43

From humble beginnings writing the family newspaper to writing plays and poetry for community theatre

Orient express theme dinner evenings in his restaurant

How writing helped to deal  with the lose of losing his wife shortly after arriving in Valencia

You are in for a treat as Paul reads his poem “Love to go” and short story “The love tree”  https://www.youtube.com/@paulcarpenter6586



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My name is Sheila currently living in Spain and enjoying my life in Valencia. My idea was to have conversations with interesting people and get those stories told.

I never knew what to expect when I began my podcast over two years ago, the conversations I have had are stories with laughter, tears and a great insight into the lives of amazing people.  So to bring the two together is just sheer joy.