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Chris Rodell

May tweets (sorta) of the month (May)

 Remember when tweets used to be limited to 140 characters. Some of these are 140 words. I like being free to write what I feel but we’re missing something. Not much, but something …Enjoy your weekend!• Was looking forward to a rare night at home with just me and soon-to-be graduate when plans abruptly changed. […]

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Parkinson’s book excerpt:: “Me drunk in public”

I’m struggling to write the book, “The Art of Living Suddenly: How to Deal with a Parkinson’s Diagnosis (and other things that suck).”The problem is my insistence on writing only books that have happy endings. With PD that’s a challenge. But I think this one strikes a balance between the complex emotions I need to […]

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Tweets of the last few months ….

 Hear ye! Hear ye!I somehow missed compiling these the last three months. Very lax on my part ’cause there are some good ones. Thanks for taking the time to check ’em out.• I was regretful the instant I opened my mouth. I’d lit into the  poor bastard. “You’re a terrible bore! You tell the same […]

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High time we put a woman on the moon

 It’s been 62 years since JFK historically announced his intention that the US would put a man on the moon before the end of the decade.His inspiration succeeded. And since the first one did so in 1969, we’ve put 11 more of them up there on the lunar surface.I’ll bet you can only name the […]

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I shaved my head and beard, why?

  I woke up the other day with a wild hair up my ass that went clear to my brain and now the wild one is about the only hair I have left.I shaved my head and now I’m bald as a baby, albeit a baby with chest hair and pubes.It’s not uncommon for empathic souls […]

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Tweets of the New Year!

 I’d like to grant doctors the power to evaluate patients so that we’d hear more diagnoses like: “Well, the good news is the  operation was a success. You’re going to be fine. The bad news is unless you cut back on the volume and partisan stridency of all your non-stop political talk, everyone’s gonna think […]

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Tin Lizzy now has a free pool table!

 (1237 words)Nobody asked me and I’m not sure what I would’ve said, but they went and put a snazzy pool table in the 3rd floor rec room in the Tin Lizzy. It’s just 15 steps from the desk where I spend so much time trying to concentrate so I can maybe earn a living.Its pull […]

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State trooper pulls me over — in my driveway!

 I saw one head peeking out the window — and it was just a quick peek, like if it had lingered for too long it might have drawn gun fire. A Pennsylvania state trooper had pulled over a dilapidated vehicle with a shifty looking motorist and it was all going down in our driveway. This […]

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