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The Market Reacts To An Assassination Attempt &Raquo; Image 9 1024X576 1

The Market Reacts to An Assassination Attempt

If you told and asked the average American, “The former President and current presidential candidate was shot in the ear on Saturday in an attempt on his life. What will the stock market do on Monday?“ Doug Mills, The New York Times I doubt many people would answer, “Ehhh – basically nothing. The market won’t care.”  […]

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New Scotus Photo To Go With All Those Nifty Rulings! &Raquo; Screen Shot 2024 07 03 At 1.43.24 Pm

New SCOTUS Photo To Go With All Those Nifty Rulings!

You know how they say absolute power corrupts absolutely? The fallout is on full display here in the U.S. After approximately 250 years of the grand experiment we call democracy, the wheels are about to fall off the bus. The basic tenet of our democratic nation — that no man is above the law — […]

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Kansas Arrests Related to the Jan 6, 2021, Capitol Riot 

Many people living in Kansas have been arrested for the “Stop the Steal” rally that took place on Jan 6, 2021, led by Trump’s supporters. More than 1000 people have been arrested since 2021 for the incident. The recent arrests were made in Kansas. The defendants were charged in the federal court in Columbia. The […]

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Gov. Kelly Announced Three Personal Changes To Her Administration &Raquo; George Noory 510

Gov. Kelly Announced Three Personal Changes to her Administration

Governor Laura Kelly announced three changes in her office based on her personal preferences. The changes were announced on Jan 22 through a news release by her office.  The Three Changes She added three personalities in the Department and divisions, based on personal preference and for their unwavering commitment and work throughout the years. The […]

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