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JoAnne Dodgeson

Elk Medicine: Calling Us Into The Circle &Raquo; Rockartelk 1024X618 1

Elk Medicine: Calling Us into the Circle

A flowing river of Elk leapt over a barbed wire fence. Awed by the sight, I pulled my car to the side of the road and rolled down my window to listen and watch. The herd was made up of at least one hundred elk, a multi-generational group, still adorned with thick furry winter coats. […]

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Touching Our Toes in Healing Waters

Elders say the wheel of life is turning in the direction of regeneration, a birthing time to rebuild our world with love, harmony, and balance. The out of balance ways are coming undone and falling apart. We are standing in a threshold between worlds. How can we move with these currents of change to re-vision, […]

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Shaking Down the Seeds

In the threshold between our earth’s seasons, we gather the gifts of what is and has been while moving with the momentum of change. Each step we take, every choice we make, each thought we think and word that we speak, shapes what’s coming alive in our inner landscapes and the outer world.   When […]

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On the Wings of Butterfly

Today I saw a butterfly her blue speckled wings glistened in the sunlight the magic of her metamorphosis danced around in the winds She flew over the sagebrush and landed on red sandy soil resting awhile opening and closing her wings a silent rhythmic drumbeat sending wave after wave of the knowledge she holds about naturally transforming […]

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Solstice Gifts

Solstice, Equinox, and New Moon are my cherished holidays. I’m drawn toward these transitional passages, awed by their essential part in creation, curious about the purposes and effects of such vast and ancient natural cycles. The shifting of seasons, the turning of the times, opens space for transformations to come alive. I love the wonder […]

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Journey Of The Heart &Raquo; Elephantbaby 1024X930 1

Journey of the Heart

I’m heading west on a roadtrip to visit an Elephant Sanctuary. For years, I’ve told friends I might leave everything behind and go to Africa and live with the elephants! Though I haven’t made that leap, elephants have taken up residence in my heart. I’m thrilled to have a chance to get a glimpse of […]

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Tending Your Heart &Raquo; Ruby Throated Hummingbird 1024X683 1

Tending Your Heart

  We are in between Equinox and Solstice, a passage between seasons, a transitional space that bridges what has been with what is coming into being. There are diverse cultural traditions that mark this transitional time with ceremonies and celebrations, recognizing the power and beauty that live in the in-betweens. In-betweens are sacred spaces filled […]

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Comfort Zones: Jaguar Medicine &Raquo; Jaguar 3370498 Copy 1024X683 1

Comfort Zones: Jaguar Medicine

  “I don’t think I can do it,” I whispered, tears stuck in my throat. Jaguar stirred, yawning and stretching. She leaned over the tree branch, glancing toward me. “Can’t do what?” she asked. “I don’t think I can change. Again.” Weighted down by exhaustion and embarrassed by my words, I tried to explain myself. […]

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Bridge People &Raquo; Bridgestonew 1024X534 1

Bridge People

  This is the Bridge Time, according to the elders. The out of balance, unsustainable, upside down world is taking itself apart. Bridge Time is a passage between worlds. We are standing in the midst of flowing rivers of change. How will we get across to the other side? We are the Bridge People, according […]

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