Elders say the wheel of life is turning in the direction of regeneration, a birthing time to rebuild our world with love, harmony, and balance. The out of balance ways are coming undone and falling apart. We are standing in a threshold between worlds. How can we move with these currents of change to re-vision, re-member, and reset balance in our world?

In a recent ceremony, spirits are showing that we’ve barely touched our toes in the waters of healing. We have limited ideas about what healing and transformation are, how these processes happen, who is involved, and what the outcomes should be.

Some common beliefs that judge, distort, and disrupt change-making and healing:

• No pain, no gain.
• You are the illness, the diagnosis, the pathology.
• Physical, measurable, externally-based evidence is the only proof that something has shifted.
• Experts are somebody other than you.
• Healing and change-making are arduous and painful, requiring sacrifice and suffering.
• If you (or they) don’t change or heal, you or those people or that person is a failure.
• War is the answer. It’s essential to condemn and go to war against the illness or people or species or places on the planet in order for personal and collective changes to take place.

This turning of the times on earth is opening a doorway for humans to see beyond our familiar yet often limited points of view. This is not the first (or last or most important) time when our earth and humanity have moved through immense transformational shifts.

The spirits are offering a nudge, an empowering invitation, to set off on a quest to explore healing and change-making in wider, deeper, judgment-free, inclusive, holistic, and expansive ways.

This is our moment to open our hearts and minds to what we haven’t considered before, or were told were impossible dreams. This is our moment to awaken, remember, and birth a thriving world as we move into the era of the heart.

The spirits are offering guidance and companionship as we move through these cycles of change. We just have to ask for help, with gratitude, and open our hearts to connect and receive.

We are generously being offered gifts from ancestors, their ancient knowledges, healing ways, and understandings of living in balance. We are in touch everyday with vast lineages of embodied knowledge about healing and change gathered up through such extensive flows of lived experiences through time. This knowledge lives in the body of the earth, in the trees and rocks and rivers and whales, in you and me, in planets, moons, and stars.

We’re standing at the edge of vast oceans on the cusp of a changing world. So keep touching your toes in the healing waters. And when you are ready, take another step. Pause, take a breath, and hae a look around. What are you learning and unlearning? What are you receiving and what is being let go?

Welcome the wonder and mystery as you explore. Open to possibilities, to innovative pathways and potentials for healing, and empowering inclusive non-warring ways of change.

Give and receive healing gifts along the way. Replenishing. Regenerating. Nourishing. When sharing the gifts, we heal ourselves and each other. Weaving balance and love in our relationships reweaves the web of life on our earth.

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JoAnne Dodgson Ceremonial Healing

JoAnne Dodgson’s life is centered in the lineage of Ka Ta See and the path of the kala keh nah seh ~  medicine storyteller, weaver of webs of balance, healer, teacher, and ceremonial guide. She offers ceremonial healing, apprenticeships, and retreats to remember our belonging and weave harmony in our relationships with ourselves, each other, our earth, and web of life.

JoAnne has been learning, living, and sharing the ways of the kala keh nah seh for over twenty years. She has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Holistic Health. As a therapist and community activist, she worked in trauma healing centers and college counseling centers. She has been on the faculty in Transpersonal Psychology, Women’s Studies, and Holistic Health programs. Earlier in her career, JoAnne was a teacher in public schools and residential programs for adolescents. She also served as the director of a women’s shelter.

To share her passion for the healing medicine of stories, JoAnne has written several books including Spirit of Chocolate: A Woman’s Journey to the Rainforest in Search of Her Dreams and UnLeashing Love. She lives in the enchanted desert mesas of New Mexico.

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