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What’s Stopping You? &Raquo; Shutterstock 2325595119 300X200 1

What’s Stopping You?

All of us have door stops in our lives — some we have had for a long time, and some we have developed in the last year or two. Here’s the key to achieve our full potential. Source

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You May Be Surprised At What Employees Really Want &Raquo; Featured Image Small Internal Image 300X157 1

You May Be Surprised at What Employees Really Want

As the workplace and the workforce continue to morph, understanding what people are looking for in and from their work has taken on greater significance. When we understand interests and motivations, we’re able to offer an employee experience that generates engagement, taps discretionary effort, promotes productivity, and ensures the retention of top talent. Our third annual […]

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Overcoming The Blah &Raquo; Shutterstock 1632761092 300X200 1

Overcoming the Blah

Do you ever have one of those blah days? The energy level is simply low. Nothing special that you can put your finger on but just blah.  Having a hard time focusing. Creative juices are simply dried up.  Well, that’s me today. I am in a blah mood and I don’t know why. I called Mom […]

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The Best Is Yet To Come &Raquo; Shutterstock 2344018595 300X205 1

The Best Is Yet To Come

Happy New Year, friends! A new year, a fresh start is upon us. But before we jump into 2024, let’s refresh ourselves with the topics that resonated with you this past year. What better way to start fast in the new year than to build on what we have already learned together?  It’s not surprising […]

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Shopping Takes Grit &Raquo; Unknown 4 E1703631959488 300X219 1

Shopping Takes Grit

Just look at our little warrior grandson, Porter! 😂 This shopping spree was a battle of epic proportions — Porter vs the department store. It’s a drama we’ve all starred in!  (CeCe who gets stronger by the store, has driven me to this point on many occasions.)  Porter, like he’s auditioning for a melodrama, showcases […]

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