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Why Aging Parents With Memory Loss Should Stop Managing Money 

A new study published in the New York Times demonstrates some startling findings about loss of ability to make money decisions in older people. The study approaches the issue by looking at debt accumulation and reduced credit scores in elders long before being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. The team of economists and […]

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Understanding Memory: Strategies, Challenges, and Improvements with Teepa Snow

Imagine navigating our busy minds like an exhilarating roller-coaster ride! Our guide is the charismatic Teepa, a world-renowned dementia specialist, as she uncovers the curious workings of memory with humor, playfulness, and intriguing anecdotes. Listen here: The tour introduces ‘Memory Land’ – where ‘registering is king’. Teepa guides us through a bunch of haphazardly scattered […]

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What If The Federal Reserve Is Wrong About Inflation? &Raquo; Jeremy Reif1

What if the Federal Reserve Is Wrong About inflation?

Inflation Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hikes By Jeremy Reif, CRPS The big news from banks in the last few weeks was in their internal financial reporting that account balances continue to trend down for consumers.  Speculating on two things.  The first is that consumers have spent all or most of their COVID-19 relief money.  The […]

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As summer unfolds, bloggers enjoy vacations, gardens, and more

I love the beautiful summer days here in the Seattle area. People are streaming into Western Washington due to the mild weather, attractive as climate change worsens, and the job opportunities. It’s so nice to be enjoying 70 degree weather as many areas of the country swelter. I’m also appreciating my wonderful garden with its […]

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Full approval of lecanemab to treat Alzheimer’s by the FDA fails patients and the public, consumer group says

The approval of a new drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease is controversial. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave full approval to the drug lecanemab (Leqembi) Thursday to treat adults with Alzheimer’s disease. In January, Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy organization, urged the agency not to approve the drug. In a letter to the FDA, […]

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Downsizing with Dignity

How to Embrace the Empty Nest and Thrive in Your New Space As your children have grown up and moved out, leaving a quiet and often empty house in their wake, you might find yourself contemplating the practicality of the spacious family home. You are not alone in this thought. Downsizing is a common path […]

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