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Understanding Memory: Strategies, Challenges, and Improvements with Teepa Snow

Imagine navigating our busy minds like an exhilarating roller-coaster ride! Our guide is the charismatic Teepa, a world-renowned dementia specialist, as she uncovers the curious workings of memory with humor, playfulness, and intriguing anecdotes.

The tour introduces ‘Memory Land’ – where ‘registering is king’. Teepa guides us through a bunch of haphazardly scattered memories – a 55-year-old elephant perched on a ball, a sharp transmission – that may seem meaningless unless registered coherently. As we dive deeper into the realm of divided attention, Teepa surfaces awareness about how multitasking can limit our ability to register information effectively.

Embarking on a trip to the ‘Department Store of Memory’, we explore circuits connecting past experiences and shared knowledge. Is Macy’s a department store or a personal narrative of buying clothes with your daughter? ‘It’s both!’ says Teepa, showing us how personal and shared memories are intertwined. While we can remember where the jackets are in Macy’s, each one of us has unique memories attached to it.

The adventure concludes with a deep dive into the effects of anesthesia on memory, likening it to a prolonged sleep. Sometimes important memory cells don’t wake up properly, having a bigger impact on those with pre-existing vulnerabilities in their brains. Teepa reminds us it’s essential to consider risks and benefits, and most importantly, asks questions prior to such procedures. Now, wasn’t that a fun way to explore the maze-like territories of our brains!

Marianne Bailey The HIP Senior Founder

Marianne Bailey is the passionate owner and founder of, a dynamic online platform dedicated to empowering, engaging, and connecting seniors with resources and information to help them live their best lives. As a natural extension of her commitment to supporting the senior community, Marianne is also the energetic host of The HIP Senior Podcast, where she sparks insightful conversations with fascinating guests from various fields, sharing their wisdom and experiences with her listeners.

Marianne's dedication to redefining the senior experience has garnered her a loyal following and made her a respected voice in the senior community. She continues to champion the idea that age is just a number, and that life after retirement can be filled with adventure, new challenges, and endless opportunities for personal growth.

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