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Celebrating Moms &Raquo; Celebrating Moms Deborah Johnson 150X150 1

Celebrating Moms

For an article focused on celebrating moms, I could cover the history of Mother’s Day with Anna Jarvis in 1908 with it becoming an official U.S. holiday in 1914, but that information is readily available. So, I decided to focus on the practical aspects and emotion of the day and what it has meant to […]

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Eyes of Dementia

Wendy – Hey, Boomer My mom, Sena Parris Martin, was the nineth of 11 children born to Vernie and Essie Parris. Her Dad, my Papa, was a tobacco sharecropper. Growing up during the Great Depression, Mom was no stranger to hard work including picking cotton, cutting, tying and hanging tobacco and lots of other chores.  […]

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Symptoms Of Dementia &Raquo; 2329

Symptoms of Dementia

In general, dementia produces a diffuse, or global decline in intellectual functioning. The symptoms of dementia cover a wide range of behaviors. These are shown in the table below. Memory loss An inability to learn new information; inability to recall recent events, familiar faces; long term memory is better preserved than recent and short term […]

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Dementia Subtypes &Raquo; 2329

Dementia Subtypes

Dementia is caused by various diseases and conditions, many with no cure. The table below shows the early symptoms, pathology, and prevalence of four main dementia subtypes, all progressive and irreversible. Type of Dementia Early Symptoms Pathology Prevalence Alzheimer’s Disease impaired memory, apathy, wandering, getting lost; problem recognizing others; impulsiveness; difficulty communicating Abnormal deposits of […]

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Delirium: What Is It And What Are The Signs? &Raquo; 2329

Delirium: What is It and What are the Signs?

Delirium is a state of mental confusion and disorganization. Delirium and dementia are different. This state of mental confusion and disorganization is found in older adults when they are experiencing a sudden or acute physical condition, or are recovering from surgery. It is sometimes called acute organic brain syndrome, acute confusional state, or mental fog. […]

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Depression, Dementia, And Delirium: What Are The Differences? &Raquo; 2329

Depression, Dementia, and Delirium: What are the Differences?

Depression, dementia, and delirium are colloquially referred to as the “3 D’s”. First, what depression looks like: a) sad mood, feeling worthless, hopeless, and helpless; b) loss of interest, decreased energy, and loss of initiative; c) feelings of guilt and remorse, preoccupied with disappointment and failure; d) disruptions in sleep and eating habits; difficulty with […]

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The Seven Most Toxic Myths About Senior Moments: Almost Everything You’ve Read Are Myths (Originally Published In &Raquo; Dsc3090 Stan Goldberg By Tim Marsolais

The Seven Most Toxic Myths About Senior Moments: Almost everything you’ve read are myths (Originally published in

We live in a time where myths take the place of facts. We read that senior moments are momentary, related to age, undifferentiated, humorous, not a part of our identity, and can be prevented by motivation to change. Guess what? None of it is true. In this article, you’ll learn the seven most toxic myths about senior moments–ones […]

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