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June 29th, 2024

Eating In Your “Age of Wisdom”–No More Fad Diets!

  1. Eating In Your “Age of Wisdom”--No More Fad Diets! Nicole Christina 43:29

If you’ve followed me, you know I am no fan of dieting and restriction, because we all know where that leads– in a shame cycle that erodes our relationship with ourselves. Caroline Drury is a transformational coach who focuses on, as she likes to call it, “the age of wisdom”, meaning that her Midlife clients have an abundance of life experience and wisdom that they haven’t yet tapped into which can help them on their transformation journey.

These extraordinary women are at the age where they now know better and are looking for help to do better and BE better in lasting and sustainable ways; no more fad diets and no more restriction.

Her areas of Coaching focus are strength training, macro-based nutrition, and lifestyle & mindset work to help women rediscover themselves after too many fad diets and “weight loss challenges”.

To do this, Caroline provides sound strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle practices that focus on building healthy fitness and nutrition habits over time, and developing a loving self-disciplined but self-compassionate relationship with oneself….sometimes for the first time. Check out her website: https://carolinedrury.fit/

Find out more about the Zestful Aging Podcast at ZestfulAging.com

Nicole Christina is the host of the multi-award winning Zestful Aging Podcast, an interview show heard in 103 countries. It's approaching its fifth year, with more than 300 interviews. She is also the author of “Not Just Chatting; How to Become a Master Podcast Interviewer”. Nicole’s guests are change makers from a variety of disciplines; filmmakers, writers, advocates, poets, musicians, scientists, athletes and entrepreneurs, many of whom are top experts in their fields. The Show has a humanitarian focus, and looks at the importance of leaving your own legacy. Leaving a legacy is a way of contributing to the common good, which has shown to have a significant impact on aging well.

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