1. Is Ozempic the weight loss miracle we’ve been sold? Clarissa Kristjansson 48:40

If you are menopausal, then it is a possibility that you have gained weight. Typically, you can gain 5-8% of your baseline body weight in the first two years of Menopause.

Recently, it has become a popular trend: taking Ozempic for weight loss. It’s a once-weekly injection that the FDA approved for use in adults with type 2 diabetes.

Ozempic is not approved for weight loss. However, semaglutide is approved for weight loss under the brand name Wegovy.

Ozempic can help people lose weight. However, experts recommend that people avoid using Ozempic for weight loss.

In this episode of the Thriving Thru Menopause podcast, host Clarissa Hughes and guest Amy Wilson, a board-certified pharmacist and a certified fitness and nutrition coach, discuss the impact of Menopause on women’s health and how unhealthy quick fixes, like the medication Ozempic, may pose unforeseen risks.

They emphasize the importance of holistic approaches to managing Menopause, including sleep, exercise, and a balanced diet.

They warn against the dangers of quick fixes, which may result in skeletal muscle mass loss and bone density reduction, potentially leading to severe health conditions like osteoporosis and sarcopenia.

Furthermore, they express concern over the psychological effect of being dependent on quick-fix medications to maintain weight loss.

Finally, they discuss the importance of healthy eating habits, proper hydration, and regular movement in maintaining wellness during Menopause.

The off-label use of Ozempic for weight loss is leading certain people to see you as a cash cow… and in Amy’s words YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT

Key Points

Key Points 01:33 Understanding Menopause and Weight Gain

03:11 The Root Cause of Weight Gain During Menopause

04:52 The Impact of Dieting and Processed Foods

10:04 The Role of Hormones and Inflammation in Weight Gain

18:23 The Importance of Nutrition and Muscle Building

23:26 Practical Tips for Managing Menopause Symptoms 24:28 The Importance of Sleep and Establishing a Routine

26:12 The Impact of Sleep on Chronic Inflammation and Productivity

26:44 The Interconnectedness of Our Body Systems

27:11 The Foundations of Good Health

27:57 The Rise of Quick Fixes: A Look at Ozempic

29:04 The Pros and Cons of Ozempic

30:03 The Risks of Rapid Weight Loss and Muscle Wasting

33:12 The Psychological Impact of Weight Loss Medications

33:45 The Importance of Embracing Individuality and Healthy Body Image

35:26 The Risks of Gut Motility Issues and Potential Increase in Cancer

37:03 The Dangers of Relying on Medications for Health

38:19 The Importance of Daily Health Maintenance

43:53 The Risks of Unregulated Medications and the Importance of Nutrition

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Clarissa Kristjansson Independant Podcaster

At 62 Clarissa Kristjansson knows that menopause can be positive, transformational and an upgrade in our creativity. Clarissa is an internationally recognized menopause educator, third-age women's health coach, and certified mindfulness and medical qi gong practitioner.

A neuroscientist and former corporate high-flyer it was her own perimenopause experience that set her on a different path to empower women. And by cracking open the conversation about our beliefs and behaviour we can shift the collective mindset to seeing menopause not as the end but as an opportunity for reinvention and revitalization.

She is the host of the popular Thriving Thru Menopause podcast.