1. Creating Long Term Value with Jim Shulman Harry Spaight 31:09

Show Summary: In this episode of Sales Made Easy, host Harry Spaight welcomes experienced marketing professional Jim Shulman to discuss the world of sales, startups, and entrepreneurship. Shulman shares his insights gained from over 40 years of experience, highlighting the importance of continuous improvement and providing value to clients. The conversation delves into the business model of gyms, the mindset of entrepreneurs, and the role of Coaching in building successful business relationships. Shulman emphasizes the need for honest feedback and the value of external perspective in self-discovery, and shares his journey from selling marketing services to becoming a business adviser. The episode and with a humorous touch, and provides contact information for Shulman for listeners interested in further discussions.

Show Notes:

– Shulman highlights the business model of gyms, focusing on the continuous revenue generated by selling hope for $10 a month to keep clients engaged in regular sessions.

– Entrepreneurs are identified as individuals who possess a unique mindset and behavior, constantly seeking value and improvement.

– Coaching is discussed as a key element in building successful business relationships, with an emphasis on understanding the emotional aspect of purchases.

– The conversation explores the need for entrepreneurs to have someone to confide in, distinguishing them from individuals who rely on steady paychecks.

– A story is shared about a senior vice president’s office sign that encourages problem-solving, illustrating the importance of finding solutions.

– The value of Coaching and honest feedback in business relationships is emphasized, with Shulman describing his role as a coach and his approach to helping clients.

– The limitations of seeking advice from individuals with vested interests in business success are discussed.

– Continuous self-improvement and bringing new value to clients are highlighted as essential for businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive.Thanks for dropping by the Sales Made Easy podcast—presented with the integrity of Selling With Dignity.

Pulling up the anchor is your host, Harry Spaight, a sales and leadership luminary bringing in over 25 glorious years honed in the white-hot competitive world of office technology sales. With an assortment of brilliant entrepreneurs and sales savants as my co-conversationalists, we’ll dissect invaluable insights to turbocharge business growth and touch on significant topics.

Adding a dash of humor to the mix because, let’s face it, life’s too short not to inject a hearty dose of laughter every once in a while.

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Harry Spaight is a leading keynote speaker, author, and sales consultant who has achieved remarkable success in sales. With over 20 years of experience in hypercompetitive sales environments, Harry has sold and led teams to tens of millions in sales. Coupled with his experience as a former missionary, Harry has a unique perspective on how to sell without being pushy.

Harry works with individuals and businesses who want to step up their sales, so they can thrive.
He is the author of “Selling with Dignity” and is the host of the “Sales Made Easy” podcast.