1. Technical, Financial, and Legal Issues When Becoming a Digital Nomad #289 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 24:37


In this episode, I will be discussing the technical, financial, and legal issues of becoming a digital nomad. I will do this from multiple perspectives that include someone who just wants to travel for a few months, others that want to travel full time, and finally, those of you who want to move to another country but still work for someone in the US.

This is based on a presentation I gave on a webinar for Flexjobs. You will find a link to the recording and my slides below. I spent an additional 20 or so minutes answering questions at the end of the webinar.

This was one of their most attended webinars.

I am a recovering engineer. I test everything and always have a plan B. I think you will find that I have thought of a number of things that can happen to you. This includes losing your smartphone, having your debit card eaten by the ATM machine, or needing access to legal documents when they are unexpectedly asked for.

You are not at home and could possibly find it difficult to have things shipped to you in a timely Fashion. Stuff does happen.

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