1. The Magic of Doodling: Unleashing Learning and Retention with Ashton Rodenhiser Mike Montague 35:36

What if you could boost your information retention by up to 29%? Buckle up as we chat with our guest, Ashton Rodenhiser, professional doodler and sketchnoter, and delve into the fascinating world of doodling. We discuss how doodling, often dismissed as a mindless activity, is actually a powerful tool for enhancing learning and memory retention. Ashton also offers tips to get started with sketchnoting, essentially a form of doodling, and emphasizes the importance of being present and engaged rather than striving to capture everything.

Find Ashton Rodenhiser's book on Sketchnoting at https://sketchnote.school/book/

Ashton draws on her rich experience to illustrate the challenges of live presentations, particularly with famous personalities who might be less than ideal in delivering their speeches. She shares her experiences of being on stage with a famous presenter who was all over the place, highlighting the need to be in the moment and fully engaged with the ongoing conversation.

Finally, Ashton takes us through her personal journey from early artistic pursuits to becoming a professional doodler, the pressure she faced from her family, and her self-discovery along the way. We hear about her foray into the world of graphic facilitation and how she built a business around it. The conversation concludes with a look at the power of play in the work environment. Ashton speaks about her unique methods to incorporate fun and creativity into the workspace, further emphasizing the need to be present and enjoy the power of play.

(0:00:16) – The Power of Doodling and Drawing
Doodling can help think and learn, retain up to 29% more information, and sketch noting focuses on key points.

(0:12:08) – The Challenges of Presenting With PowerPoint
Ashton Rodenhiser shares her decade-long experience of listening, adjusting to conversation flow, and creating choreographed presentations.

(0:17:26) – The Journey to Creativity and Entrepreneurship
Ashton shares her journey from stay-at-home mom to professional doodler, emphasizing the importance of leaving room for the unexpected and mistakes.

(0:26:31) – Impactful Choices in Work and Life
Her journey to balance work and life, and using her intuition.

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