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Beach Club @ Bimini

We spent a few hours at The Beach Club at Bimini, included in our sponsored voyage with @VirginVoyages. After debarking, we hopped on a trolley and, after a short ride, found ourselves in paradise.

Many people asked if it was all a big party. Well, yes and no. We arrived early because I had an excursion later, including snorkeling in a shipwreck and swimming with sharks (both featured in previous reels), and I’m glad it worked out that way.

As you can see from this reel, the club wasn’t crowded. The party vibe kicks in later. While I love a good party, I’ve always been a night owl, not a day partier.

So, if you want to enjoy the pools and beach (shown in other reels), get there early. If you prefer to be in the middle of the action, come after noon.

When a Virgin ship isn’t docked at Bimini, the club transforms into Resorts World Bimini, available to all guests. You can rent cabanas, have lunch and dinner, and if you’re staying at the Hilton, access is included.

Have you been yet?
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Lorraine C. Ladish Digital Content Creator

Lorraine C. Ladish, a Spanish-American residing in Sarasota, Florida, is a prominent figure in women's empowerment. As the publisher of, she leads a bilingual online community celebrating life at 50+. With a diverse background, Lorraine has authored books on various topics and transitioned to online content creation in 2009. In 2014 she became a digital influencer, recognized by major publications like Oprah Daily. At 60, Lorraine continues to set goals, challenging age stereotypes. Her writing has been featured in renowned publications, emphasizing her commitment to combating ageism and inspiring positivity across generations.

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