Some whimsy to start the weekend with my attempt at a poem about dark matter followed by a poem by Rebecca Anne Wood Elson a Canadian–American astronomer and writer about the same subject.

Dark matter, a mystery still unsolved

A substance that scientists have evolved

To understand and decipher its code

But still, it remains a heavy load

It holds the galaxies in its grip

Yet we cannot see it or even nip

A tiny piece to study and analyze

It remains elusive, a cosmic surprise


Some say it’s made of particles unseen

Others believe it’s a glitch, a dream

But one thing is certain, it’s out there

A force that shapes the universe, beyond compare


We may never fully understand

The nature of this cosmic band

But that doesn’t stop us from trying

To unlock its secrets, endlessly prying


So let us meditate on this enigma

A puzzle that may never be solved

But the search for answers is a noble quest

One that keeps us Moving, never at rest



by Rebecca Elson

For this we go out dark nights, searching

For the dimmest stars,

For signs of unseen things:


To weigh us down.

To stop the universe

From rushing on and on

Into its own beyond

Till it exhausts itself and lies down cold,

It’s last star going out.


Whatever they turn out to be,

Let there be swarms of them,

Enough for immortality,

Always a star where we can warm ourselves.


Let there be enough to bring it back

From its own edges,

To bring us all so close we ignite

The bright spark of resurrection.

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