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Do you play bridge?

 A cleaning woman was applying for a new position.

When asked why she left her last employment, she replied,

“Yes sir, they paid good wages, but it was the most ridiculous place I ever worked. They played a game called Bridge, and last night lots of folks were there. As I was about to bring in the refreshments, I heard a man say “Lay down and let’s see what you’ve got.”

Another man said, “I’ve got strength but no length.”

Another man said to a lady, “Take your hand off my trick.”

I pretty near dropped dead just then when the lady answered, “You jumped me twice when you didn’t have the strength for one raise.”

Another lady was talking about her protecting her honour, and two other ladies said, Now it’ s time for me to play with your husband and you can play with mine.

Well, I just got my hat and coat and as I was leaving.

I hope to die if I didn’t hear someone say,

“Well, I guess we’ll go home now, that was the last rubber.”

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I served as a teacher, a teacher on Call, a Department Head, a District Curriculum, Specialist, a Program Coordinator, and a Provincial Curriculum Coordinator over a forty year career. In addition, I was the Department Head for Curriculum and Instruction, as well as a professor both online and in person at the University of Phoenix (Canada) from 2000-2010.

I also worked with Special Needs students. I gave workshops on curriculum development and staff training before I fully retired

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