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Tom Lashnits

What Happened To Tom? &Raquo; 916Ba2Dkqpl. Sl1500

What Happened to Tom?

     I haven’t posted for a long time. But I’m inspired by Confessions of a Grandma. Like me, she hasn’t been blogging lately. But recently she brought us up-to-date on her life and times. Spoiler alert: She seems very active and happy in Florida.      As for me, I’ve been doing the things that […]

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Bigger And Badder Suvs &Raquo; Img 2217 Copy

Bigger and Badder SUVs

     My wife and I know enough not to go out on the road on New Year’s Eve. But we don’t always know enough not to drive when the weather gets bad.      My wife B desperately wanted to drive up to New Jersey to see her grandkids the other day, especially since […]

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How Not To Be Cool &Raquo; Music 7014127 640 1

How Not to Be Cool

     I was recently a guest on the podcast Awe-Inspired and Retired. We talked about all things retirement, from where we’re going to live, to what we’re going to do, to who we’re going to do it with . . . or what we called the “three likes” of retirement.      (You can now […]

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Choices in Retirement

     For the most part I have stopped bogging because . . . well, because I’ve gone on to other things. I’m more involved in my local center for learning in retirement. I’ve taken up pickleball. I still play golf. I do my daily back stretches and leg exercises.       My wife and […]

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Notes From The American Road &Raquo; Img 6267 2

Notes from the American Road

     We just got home from a road trip — three weeks from Philadelphia to Madison, WI, then back through Canada and upstate New York to a family gathering near Boston. We drove 2,500 miles in all. Oh … my aching back!      Aside from the reminder about my arthritic back and knees, […]

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Never Say Never

     My intention was to close down this blog (see my May 2023 post “Last Lines”), because I’ve written around 1200 posts, and — good grief! — how much can we say about Baby Boomers, retirement, or our personal lives?      But never say never. I have a few more topics that could […]

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Last Lines &Raquo; 71Lpuzrdvol. Ac Uy218 1

Last Lines

     We’ve all read about the last words of some famous people. For example, drummer Buddy Rich died after surgery in 1987.  As he was being prepped for the operation a nurse asked him, “Is there anything you can’t take?” And he responded, “Yeah, country music.”      Or the composer Gustav Mahler who […]

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What I'M Learning These Days &Raquo; Mind 544404 340

What I’m Learning These Days

     They say that we older people need to keep our minds active, keep learning things. We’re supposed to learn a foreign language, or do crossword puzzles, or practice the piano.      I’ve always resisted learning things just because I’m “supposed” to; hence, my less-than-stellar career in algebra and my brief fling with […]

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The Art Of Washing Dishes &Raquo; Dishes 197 340

The Art of Washing Dishes

      There’s the James Beard Award for chefs. Celebrity chefs like Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri show off their talents on TV. Famous cooking competitions are refereed by Gordon Ramsey and other culinary stars. But as far as I know, there are no celebrity dishwashers, no dishwashing TV shows, no dishwashing competitions that […]

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How Old Do You Feel? &Raquo; 51Hwut5Atml

How Old Do You Feel?

      Research has shown that subjective age — how old we feel — and not our actual age is a better predictor of our overall health, memory, physical strength and longevity. So instead of asking someone how old they are, you should ask: How old do you feel?      Cues about age […]

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