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Rennie Gabriel

Designing Your Dreams: My Lesson From A Lost Book &Raquo; Designing Your Dreams 1024X536 1

Designing Your Dreams: My Lesson from a Lost Book

Many years ago, I read a book that suggested you can change your dreams while you sleep. This concept fascinated me, as I often had a recurring dream where I was being chased by a large, foreboding monster and was unable to run away. In the dream, all I could do was slowly crawl away. This was […]

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Making The Right Choice: Should You Rent Or Buy A House? &Raquo; Buying Vs Renting 1024X536 1

Making the Right Choice: Should You Rent or Buy a House?

The following comes directly from a NY Times article published on May 13, 2024, by David Leonhardt. Rather than provide my comments or summarize, you will find the full article, “A New Rent-Versus-Buy Calculator: Does it make sense for you to buy a home right now?” here.Buying a $500,000 house versus paying $2,000 per month in rent […]

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How To Provide Social Proof For Your Business &Raquo; How To Provide Social Proof 1024X536 1

How to Provide Social Proof for your Business

Recently I received a call from Spectrum News for an interview. While I have Spectrum as my Internet provider, I had no idea they had a news broadcast. Anyway, while it had to do with the rental situation in Los Angeles, which is very tough for both renters and property owners, I got some good […]

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Five Questions To Create Clarity In Your Business &Raquo; 5 Questions 1024X536 1

Five Questions to Create Clarity in Your Business

Recently I read an email about the five questions every business owner should ask themselves to create clarity in their business – plus a why question. Funny thing is they are the same five questions I suggest people ask when listening to familiar information if they want to create wealth. (Instead of making statements.) More […]

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[Spam] Government Finally Admits To Aliens From Outer Space &Raquo; Spam Spam 1024X536 1

[SPAM] Government Finally Admits to Aliens from Outer Space

Three high-ranking Generals, one each in the Army, Navy, and Air Force have admitted that the government not only has proof of aliens from outer space having visited the earth, but several, not just one, have crashed. And the spaceships and the bodies of aliens have been recovered. The remains are not stored in Area […]

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101 Of The Silliest Warning Labels &Raquo; 101 Of The Silliest Warning Labels 1024X560 1

101 of the Silliest Warning Labels

My last post was how to protect yourself from text message scams and I thought for today I’d add a little humor. I stumbled across a book that contained 101 of the stupidest or silliest warning labels with the perfect title: Remove Child Before Folding: The 101 Stupidest, Silliest, and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever. Unfortunately, […]

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Are You Getting Scam Text Messages? &Raquo; Text Scam Alert 1024X536 1

Are you Getting Scam Text Messages?

Have you ever received a text message that you know was not for you? It might look something like: “Helen, are we still on for lunch?” “I show your phone number in my phone, but don’t know who you are. Who are you?” “Robert, where are we meeting today?” Or simply “Hi” If you wondered […]

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If You’re In Sales – Find Your People… &Raquo; If You Are In Sales 1024X536 1

If You’re in Sales – Find Your People…

I have a friend, Chellie Campbell, and in one of her emails she wrote about working with “your people” and to not be concerned about people that don’t want to work with you. It’s just that they’re not “your people.” She spoke about a seminar leader who beautifully demonstrated this approach: He said to each […]

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It Depends On Where You Land… &Raquo; It Depends Where You Land 1024X536 1

It Depends on Where You Land…

When my wife would hear a story, or see something on the news, about how in some other part of the world, or even in America, people struggle financially, or with education or crime, she would often say, “It depends on where you land how your life can turn out.” I read a review of […]

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Why A Pre-Nup Is For Everyone… &Raquo; Why A Pre Nup Is For Everyone 1024X536 1

Why a Pre-nup is for Everyone…

If you have any plans to marry, or your kids or grandchildren are planning to marry, consider a prenuptial agreement (pre-nup) as one of the first steps you or they should take. A prenuptial agreement is not just for the wealthy and here’s why. A prenuptial agreement provides: 1) Peace of Mind Whether it’s the […]

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