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The Ordeal of Ending Parkinson’s disease
March 27th, 2024
The Ordeal Of Ending Parkinson'S Disease &Raquo; File 9 1

The following piece was written by BJ “Cecil the Diesel” Bement as part of the Day One: Parkinson’s Prison and the Hero’s Journey to Escape class. How did this happen? How did I get here? David versus Goliath on Court TV? It started with me having to face Senator Grubbman alone. From the outset, it didn’t go as planned. I had a team of advocates I was visiting our representatives with. We were on Capitol Hill pushing the National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act. It had passed the House and the vote counters stated that Senator Grubbman was the swing vote. It came down to... Continue Reading

I’m Taking Play Seriously
March 6th, 2024
I'M Taking Play Seriously &Raquo; File 2

After about 20 years of being out of college, I decided to go back to school to get my master’s in social work.  This is so I can do more work helping in the Parkinson’s community.  As part of my master’s program, I am currently interning at a low-income senior living facility. We provide social services, case management, and counseling services. One of my learning objectives as part of my internship is to run a group.  Since I have been Jamming for Joy with Yes, And…eXercise! for about a year now, I am convinced that improv can be beneficial for any senior group.  So I connected... Continue Reading

Asking for a Friend
March 1st, 2024
Asking For A Friend &Raquo; File

John Hurley is a dear friend I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through the Jam for Joy and Day One programs. He has written some of the most influential work in the class, inspiring his classmates to look deeper, feel more freely and live with greater strength of purpose. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him at the 2023 Within Our Reach Symposium at the University of Maryland where he shared his story.   He is having surgery on Friday, Feb. 29 and has asked for healing energy to be sent his way. He writes:   To all of the friends I have met through Jam for Joy, Day One or any... Continue Reading

The Concept of Other People
February 15th, 2024
The Concept Of Other People &Raquo; Channels4 Profile 3

In the movie “Dumb & Dumber”, Comedian Fred Stoller stands outside a phone booth. Stay with me – this was the 90’s. He’s pacing because he has a phone call to make, but the goon (Mike Starr as “Joe Mentalino”) is handling serious business on the inside. Tired of waiting, Fred pounds on the glass and asks if Joe has ever heard of the concept of other people. In case you want to see it, please click and laugh: Not being heard or seen hurts – maybe even worse than,, the punch Fred takes later in the scene. It is dehumanizing... Continue Reading

A special request for our mom’s 80th birthday
February 7th, 2024
A Special Request For Our Mom'S 80Th Birthday &Raquo; File 1 5

We have a direct ask: please go to ,,this site and leave a message of love and happy 80th birthday for our mom, Paulette Cochrane. Her birthday is February 15th. It is free and easy and your message can be as simple as “Happy Birthday. I love you.” Why it’s extraordinarily time sensitive: our mom is committing slow suicide. These are extraordinarily painful words to put on the page. We do not come to them lightly. Paulette has been battling bipolar depression for at least thirty years. It is a strange and confounding disease, in her case, transforming her from the social butterfly on steroids... Continue Reading

The fallacy of the perfect diagnosis
February 2nd, 2024
The Fallacy Of The Perfect Diagnosis &Raquo; File

I want to try to take some of the pressure off those given the difficult task of delivering the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease (PD). Doctors are under an inordinate amount of stress to do the work they do. They are often falsely led toward God complexes by those they try to heal. This imbalance must be rectified to empower the person who has been diagnosed and relieve the doctor delivering the diagnosis. The day of diagnosis is traumatic for many people. A research article from ,,Baylor University found that 91% of surveyed clinicians thought delivering bad news was very important, but... Continue Reading

A special man on a hero’s journey
January 23rd, 2024
A Special Man On A Hero'S Journey &Raquo; File 7

Editor’s note: this is a letter written by Ryan Holland, a participant in the Day One: Parkinson’s Prison and the Hero’s Journey to Escape class that began on Jan 16, 2024. Dear Friends and Family,  I have leaned on many of you in the past few years as I have learned to accept my Parkinson’s diagnosis, cope with symptoms, and even look forward to living a life with meaning and purpose. Two activities have helped me make sense of my fate and to find a community of brothers and sisters who share the same condition. You may know that, given the litany of motor and non-motor symptoms,... Continue Reading

Ariana Grande’s new song asks “Yes, And?”
January 22nd, 2024
Ariana Grande'S New Song Asks &Quot;Yes, And?&Quot; &Raquo; File 7 1

Improv has a funny role in society. It is both revered and feared. It is loved and, at times, loathed. It’s almost inconceivably brilliant when it’s played well and it’s nails on a chalkboard when it’s done poorly. In its highest form, on shows like Saturday Night Live, which is scripted but often uses improvisation to develop sketches and punch up classic moments live on air, or Whose Line is it Anyway? improvisation often looks like a magical trick. The feeling is awe. How did they come up with that on the spot? The answer is “Yes, And”.    The foundation of improvisation are those... Continue Reading

Our Disneyland HalfMarathon (part five)
January 21st, 2024
Our Disneyland Halfmarathon (Part Five) &Raquo; File 6 10

MONDAY – JAN. 15 The next morning was a fun recall of the night before. We shared our favorite memories. My dad had a difficult time remembering – a lot seemed to be mashing together for him. I asked him about his favorite ride and he seemed to describe a ride that I didn’t recall. He called it “serene” – which I don’t remember from any of our rides…save for maybe some of the calm parts of Pirates of the Caribbean. This was yet another reminder of the importance of taking this time to do this while we had it.  We had to double and triple check everything to make sure... Continue Reading

Our Disneyland HalfMarathon (part four)
January 20th, 2024
Our Disneyland Halfmarathon (Part Four) &Raquo; File 6 8

SUNDAY – Jan. 14 (POST RACE) We felt great and, as the park was opening at 9a, decided to roll right into Disneyland. We did take a quick stop at a full bathroom in the parking lot for dad. I needed to help him and we had our first fall. Dad was hanging on to a rail and I took my eyes off of him to set the wheelchair. He lost his balance and stumbled to the floor. Thankfully, he caught himself cleanly and I was able to help him up. There’s always the quick checklist after a fall – nothing broken, nothing bleeding, nothing torn. Check, check and check. Deep breaths, say our thanks,... Continue Reading