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A Burst Pipe and My Big Fat Maine Decision

Earlier this week, temperatures here in Maine dropped into the negatives, with air temps landing around -20 with wind-chill dropping to -30 and beyond. My home is almost 200 years old, and while in remarkable condition, frigid temperatures require specific attention. Books, blogs, and YouTube were each tapped, and as the thermometer dropped, my checklist […]

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Avoiding the Slip: Reduce your risk of falling

Wendy – Hey, Boomer I fell the other day! All because I wanted to go outside for a healthy walk on a warm winter day. Well, that is not exactly the reason I fell. I fell because I was trying to be a good person. Wait, that is not exactly right either. Here is what […]

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Positive Intelligence + What Would Jimmy Carter Do? &Raquo; Karsten Wurth 0W Uta0Xz7W Unsplash 1024X683 1

Positive Intelligence + What Would Jimmy Carter Do?

An Interview That Changed His Life It was late in the 1950s, and a Navy officer, fresh out of Annapolis, was hours into an interview with the admiral who single-handedly created the world’s first nuclear Navy through sheer willpower and determination. No one worked on one of his atomic subs who had not survived one […]

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Could Surgery Remove My Shame?

I have read that the nightmare of standing on a stage, under bright performance lights, as the curtain rises and realizing that you are stark naked is more common than people imagine. Realizing the shared nature of that horrible dream should ease my shame around the stupid mistakes dotting the landscape of my life. But […]

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I Feel Fat, but I’ve Learned a Big Lesson

Adults, who have returned to their parent’s home for any length of time for any possible reason, may resonate with this little story. On the surface, it’s simple, but the current of its implications runs deep. I was a fat kid. No getting around that. Eating my feelings was my standard approach to life going […]

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A New Year, A Little Confusion, and some Positive Intelligence

A New Year, A Little Confusion, and Some Positive Intelligence Big questions and some confusion as the new year lifts off. It’s Monday morning, 02 January 2023, and I’m writing this before joining my family to watch the Rose Parade, something we look forward to every year. Before leaving the guest bedroom at the family […]

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Connection Is My Word For 2023 &Raquo; 2022Oct30 Grace Quote 1024X576 1

Connection is my word for 2023

For the past number of years I have chosen a word for the following year. Some of the words I have chosen are Grace, Nourish and Harmony. This year, as we look forward to 2023, I have chosen once again the word Connection.  For me this past year I have navigated several health issues.  I […]

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5 Tips To Enjoy Spending The Holidays Alone &Raquo; Sonia Frontera Attorney

5 Tips to Enjoy Spending the Holidays Alone

  Image by inna mykytas from Pixabay Solo Holidays can Be Fun! Are you dreading spending the holidays alone? Perhaps you’re going through a divorce, you recently moved to a new city, or your loved ones live too far away to travel. With the COVID pandemic taking another spike, you may wish to avoid people […]

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Benefits of Mental Fitness

What Are the Benefits of Mental Fitness? ‍ Mental fitness is coping with stress, thinking positively, and responding effectively to challenging situations. It’s also known as emotional intelligence or resilience. Mental fitness has many benefits. It can reduce your risk of developing depression and anxiety, improve your self-awareness and help you make better decisions. It […]

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How to Start Your Own Personal Self Love Journey

How to start your own personal self love journey. Have you ever heard about self love? You know, the kind of love that only comes when you love yourself? The kind of love that gives you self-respect and self-confidence? The kind of love that you can only find by loving yourself? Do you want to […]

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