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The Utlimate Journey Of Self-Care &Raquo; Logo

The Utlimate Journey of Self-Care

Meet Alison Katschkowsky; Host of the Ultimate Journey of Self Care Podcast. Catch her on both Tuesdays and Thursdays where she meets with amazing people around the globe and discusses self-cafe in both the personal and business world. Her Tuesday shows feature a deeper dive into what self care can look like with conversations about […]

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Balancing Act: Caregiving Thru Hospitalizations, Rehab, and Recovery

Wendy – Hey, Boomer I have been a caregiver for my husband for the last ten years for a variety of procedures and surgeries ranging from shoulder replacements, cataracts, and heart surgery to prostrate and cardiovascular procedures. All these medical interventions came with a variety of inconveniences that were manageable by my husband or needed […]

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Self-Care Items Every Woman Needs – Essentials for Personal Well-Being

Self-Care Items Every Woman Needs: Essentials for Personal Well-Being Self-care is an indispensable component of maintaining your overall well-being, especially given the many roles you may juggle on a daily basis. It’s not just about indulgence; it’s a crucial aspect of managing your mental and physical health. From items that enhance relaxation to those facilitating physical […]

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Little Acts of Self-Care: Simple Strategies for Daily Wellness

Little Acts of Self-Care: Simple Strategies for Daily Wellness In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to neglect the tiny yet powerful practices that nourish your body and mind. Little acts of self-care are significant approaches to maintain balance and well-being amidst the chaos of everyday life. Whether it’s taking a few minutes to breathe deeply […]

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Be Impeccable with your Word: Embracing the First Agreement

Wendy – Hey, Boomer In a recent Boomer Banter, community members engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the First Agreement put forth by Don Miguel Ruiz in “The Four Agreements“: “Be impeccable with your word.” This profound notion inspired a lively conversation about the power of self-talk and the influence of words on our self-perception […]

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Healing Estrangement: Families Matter

Wendy – Hey, Boomer Healing Estrangement is the focus of Hey, Boomer podcasts for January 2024. Kimberly Best is a conflict mediator and a previous guest on Hey, Boomer. IF you missed her episode you can find it here. Kimberly is the author of this blog post. The holidays have come to a close, and […]

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The Psychological Price That Entrepreneurs Pay &Raquo; Logo The Accountability Coach

The Psychological Price That Entrepreneurs Pay

It can be challenging to imagine that entrepreneurship comes with a psychological price considering how much the media glamorizes it. Most people only see the lavish and exciting lifestyles of high-profile entrepreneurs. That is why it is important to pay attention to the psychological price that entrepreneurs pay and work to avoid it. But this makes… […]

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How To Cure The Virus Of Indifference &Raquo; Glen Alex Headshot C 2022

How to Cure the Virus of Indifference

Learn how you can move toward your highest and best health today: Sadly, humans have not learned from the pandemic. I’m sure you recall that the Corona virus inflicted death, destruction, and massive uncertainty around the globe. People’s lives, routines, and normal sense of security were upended. Add to that the record number of natural […]

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