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Roberta Carson

Tips For A Smooth Recovery From A Mastectomy &Raquo; Photo Of 2 Topless Women Sitting On The Floor Showing Their Post Mastectomy Chests Smiling Canva 1 300X215 1

Tips for a Smooth Recovery from a Mastectomy

It’s very scary to learn you have breast cancer. Certainly, you worry if this will lead to your death. But it’s also natural to worry about what treatments you will need, how you will tolerate them, and what your body will look like after treatment. If you have breast cancer, you may be considering a […]

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How To Choose A Cancer Treatment &Raquo; Photo Of A Doctor Comforting A Patient By Putting His Hand On His Shoulder Canva 1 300X214 1

How to Choose a Cancer Treatment

Getting a cancer diagnosis is probably one of the scariest things that can happen to a person. Certainly, you worry if cancer will take your life. And you worry if you will be able to tolerate the treatments, including the potential impact on the quality of your life. Fortunately, advances in research have improved cancer […]

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How To Manage Neck Joint Instability &Raquo; Photo Computerized Image Of Pain In The Upper Back Neck Area Of Skeleton With A Hand Touching The Area Canva 1 300X214 1

How to Manage Neck Joint Instability

No one enjoys spending time with someone who is a “pain in the neck”. Nor do we like doing a task we consider “a pain in the neck”. Despite the annoyances caused by these types of situations, there is a serious pain in the neck that can cause serious health issues. Neck instability between the […]

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Tips For Managing Parkinson’s Disease &Raquo; Photo Of An Aide Helping A Middle Aged Woman Walk With A Walker Canva 1 300X214 1

Tips for Managing Parkinson’s Disease

Hearing a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis is scary. Whether you’re the patient or a family member, it’s overwhelming. Certainly, you worry about what your future holds. Will Parkinson’s make it impossible to work, walk, function independently? How will it impact your family? The tips in this blog for managing Parkinson’s disease can make it easier for […]

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Understanding Cancer Treatment Options &Raquo; Photo Of A Young Man And Woman Having A Serious Talk With A Female Doctor Canva 1 300X214 1

Understanding Cancer Treatment Options

Certainly, getting a cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest moments of life. You worry about your chance of survival and the impact cancer will have on you and your family. Additionally, it’s natural to worry about how you will manage possible treatment side effects. Before treatment can begin, you and your doctor will discuss […]

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Tips For Coping With A Serious Diagnosis &Raquo; Photo Of A Man And Woman Looking Sad And Worried Getting Bad News From A Female Doctor Canva 1 300X214 1

Tips for Coping with a Serious Diagnosis

Life can throw unexpected challenges our way, and one of the most daunting is receiving a serious medical diagnosis. Whether it’s a chronic illness, a life-threatening condition, or a rare disease, such news can be overwhelming, leaving individuals and their loved ones grappling with a whirlwind of emotions. Coping with a serious diagnosis is difficult […]

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Caregiving Tips For Managing Incontinence In Seniors &Raquo; Photo Of A Young Woman With A Big Smile Hugging Her Grandmother From Behind Who Also Has A Big Smile While They Sit On A Sofa Canva 1 300X214 1

Caregiving Tips for Managing Incontinence in Seniors

If you are the family caregiver for a senior, you may be dealing with urinary and/or bowel incontinence, which can occur in seniors due to physical and/or cognitive health issues. Certainly, you want your loved one to retain their independence, dignity, and overall quality of life, but incontinence can have a major impact on all […]

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Respite Care Helps Family Caregivers &Raquo; Photo Of A Senior Man Standing With His Son Standing Behind Him With His Hands On His Fathers Shoulders Canva 1 300X214 1

Respite Care Helps Family Caregivers

If you’re a family caregiver, you know your role is an act of love and dedication. But it’s also a commitment that can demand every ounce of your physical and emotional strength. During this selfless journey, you may find yourself in need of a lifeline — a temporary reprieve that allows you to recharge and […]

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Important Things To Know About Radiation Treatment &Raquo; Photo Of A Woman Lying Face Down While She Gets Radiation Therapy In Her Thoracic Area For Cancer Treatment Canva 1 300X214 1

Important Things to Know About Radiation Treatment

Getting a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming and scary. You must learn about your cancer and available treatment options. As part of your treatment plan, your doctor may recommend radiation therapy. In this article, you will learn important things to know about radiation that will help you decide on the best course of treatment for you. […]

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6 Important Things To Know About Chemotherapy &Raquo; Photo Of A Bag Of Chemotherapy Medication Hanging From A Pole With Blurred Patients Sitting In The Background Canva 1 300X214 1

6 Important Things to Know About Chemotherapy

Getting a cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest things that can happen to a person. Not only would we worry about our survival, but many of us would also worry about what types of treatments we will face. Certainly, you know that doctors use chemotherapy treatments for cancer. But do you know how chemotherapy […]

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