Tips For Coping With A Serious Diagnosis

Life can throw unexpected challenges our way, and one of the most daunting is receiving a serious medical diagnosis. Whether it’s a Chronic Illness, a life-threatening condition, or a rare disease, such news can be overwhelming, leaving individuals and their loved ones grappling with a whirlwind of emotions. Coping with a serious diagnosis is difficult for patients and family caregivers. It will likely affect every aspect of your life.

However, it’s critical to stay focused so you can make informed decisions, manage stress, and maintain some semblance of normalcy. 

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Roberta Carson President of Zaggo, Inc.

I started Zaggo, a nonprofit organization, to help patients and family caregivers manage illnesses and injuries, after caring for my teenage son Zachary during his 27-month battle with terminal brain cancer. My caregiving experience led to a passion for helping patients and family caregivers be engaged, empowered members of their medical teams to help them get the best healthcare and outcomes possible.

I have won several awards for my work, including a recent "Visionary Award" from, and a "Website of the Year Caring Award" from Caregiving Years Training Academy.

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