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Disorienting Situations – The Leader’s Response &Raquo; People Mysteries

Disorienting Situations – The Leader’s Response

Editor’s Note – I am recycling some old articles that seem to have not lost the meaning. Disregard the time period references. The message still rings true today. As someone who works with business leaders in many different sectors, I’ve paused to reflect on exactly how I feel about the current state of affairs around […]

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The Post-COVID Mindset Shift: Redefining Work, Family, and Loyalty

Embracing the Post-Covid Mindset: Rethinking Work and Family As an executive coach who’s guided leaders through thick and thin for over 20 years, I’ve witnessed a fascinating phenomenon: a large-scale mindset shift triggered by the global pandemic. COVID-19 didn’t just disrupt our health; it fundamentally changed the way we approach work, family, and even our […]

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Leaders: If you Confuse, You Lose

There’s an old saying in the sales world. “The confused mind says NO.” Clearly that has big implications when trying to sell a product or service. A prospect who gets confused by your sales pitch will revert to a NO answer all the time. On the other hand, a clear, concise explanation of the thing […]

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How Does Personality Impact Your Leadership? &Raquo; Executive Coaching

How Does Personality Impact Your Leadership?

People talk about charismatic leaders having “big” personalities. Powerful leaders are often known as “Type A” personalities. We know about introverts and extroverts. But how does personality really impact your effectiveness as a manager or owner of a business? If we take away celebrity status from high paid CEOs and public figures, what else does […]

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Beyond The Big Stage: Crafting Your Leadership Legacy One Moment At A Time &Raquo; Leading In The Moment 650X366 1

Beyond the Big Stage: Crafting Your Leadership Legacy One Moment at a Time

We often imagine leadership as a grand production. Spotlight moments, heroic decisions, and sweeping pronouncements come to mind. But what if the key to building a truly impactful reputation isn’t found in these blockbuster scenes? What if it lies in the quiet, seemingly insignificant interactions that fill our daily lives? The truth is, leadership isn’t […]

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The Art Of Management Run Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide &Raquo; 117689487 M Normal None

The Art of Management Run Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of business, management plays a pivotal role in determining the success or failure of an organization. Management-run businesses, where a team of experienced and qualified professionals oversees operations, have emerged as a prevalent and effective model for achieving organizational goals. This article delves into the intricacies of management-run businesses, […]

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5 Strategies To Make Employees More Productive And Engaged &Raquo; Daily Musings

5 Strategies to Make Employees More Productive and Engaged

This is a recent post by a good friend and fellow coach, Mike Lejeune. Mike is a senior HR professional who has coached and mentored hundreds of key officers across a wide variety of industries. He hosts his own blog called “Simple Leadership“. Here is his post. On most Fridays, Tommie, my wife, and I […]

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