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Why Should I Meditate? &Raquo; Logo

Why Should I Meditate?

There is a internal freedom that meditation brings into your life that is soon reflected in your external life. It is hard to see how sitting in one place and doing absolutely nothing can bring about any form of a positive result. However, what comes through practice is a series of side benefits that alter […]

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Better Decisions Through Meditation &Raquo; Logo

Better Decisions through Meditation

December is a transition month. Students get out of school, routines are reset and new systems are established. The days become shorter, the sun rises later and winter approaches. This is a month of preparation. And as the fourth quarter of the year sets on our horizon, it is time for reflection. Are we are […]

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3 Simple Steps To Relieving Stress &Raquo; Logo

3 Simple Steps to Relieving Stress

It was the third time in a single day that I had seen a blue heron fly over my head. To many of the Native Americans I work with, the blue heron represents a time to go inward. A time for a vision quest or a time to get near water and contemplate your life […]

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When All Hades Breaks Loose &Raquo; Logo

When All Hades Breaks Loose

The morning started like most mornings for me. I stumbled up the stairs to the kitchen to prepare my first cup of coffee. I could already feel the day’s activities weighing on my mind. The next hour would require some fast typing due to a looming deadline and I had overslept. Great. While mulling over […]

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