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Diy Holiday Tech Gifts &Raquo; Screenshot 2023 11 30 At 12.15.50 Pm 250X206 1

DIY Holiday Tech Gifts

Some of the best gifts to give are those you’ve made yourself! Here is an opportunity to use your tech skills to offer unique and valued gifts this year. These ideas use technology you already have (or can easily borrow) to make thoughtful and well-regarded gifts using that most precious commodity, your time! As thoughtful […]

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Three Cool Things To Try With Your Iphone Camera &Raquo; Portrait 768X1024 1

Three Cool Things to Try With Your iPhone Camera

Our iPhone cameras are pretty amazing. The newer the phone, the more things you can do!  Here are three features to try out before the holiday season. 1. Portrait Mode You can choose among natural light, contour light, studio light, stage light, stage light mono, and high-key light mono. You have to play around with […]

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7 + Amazing Features Of Your Apple Maps App &Raquo; 5E0B73F4 69F5 45B9 9A84 B452460A5C7C 1 105 C 162X350 1

7 + Amazing Features of Your Apple Maps App

I was ready to hit the road home. The rains had stopped, and it looked like smooth sailing across New Hampshire and Maine. Until…I punched in my destination on my Maps app. Four out of five possible routes had flood warnings.  Deciding not to chance being turned back half way home, I took the one […]

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3 New Things I Just Learned About My Apple Devices &Raquo; Img 4845 800X559 2

3 New Things I Just Learned About My Apple Devices

I am always discovering new features on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer.  Sometimes it’s because I’ve been asked a question or there is a new option with a system update or I just don’t know how to do a particular process. This week was a banner one because I learned something new about each […]

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Digitize Old Recipes–Part 2 &Raquo; Img 5359

Digitize Old Recipes–Part 2

  Do you have a folder full of recipes clipped from newspapers? Are your cookbooks bulging with handwritten recipes, perhaps dating back a generation or two? Are you in the process of giving your cookbooks to Goodwill because you just google recipes now?   Don’t lose those old, favorite recipes! It is relatively easy to […]

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Digitize Old Recipes–Part 1 &Raquo; Img 5341

Digitize Old Recipes–Part 1

  Anyone who cooks, bakes and saves recipes has a file or box of recipes that are hand-written or clipped from newspapers. Often these recipes are family favorites that have been handed down through the generations. Yes, you can find almost any recipe by googling it, but somehow the results just aren’t quite as tasty […]

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Unique Approaches For Capturing The Colors Of Autumn &Raquo; Maples 768X1024 1

Unique Approaches for Capturing the Colors of Autumn

  Fall’s palette of vibrant colors surrounds us at the moment. Does it seem to you that the reds are especially brilliant this year? Evidently, in maple trees, glucose stays around after photosynthesis ends. As the temperatures change, the glucose changes into anthocyanin, a red pigment. Our lack of rain this year is one reason […]

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Ios 16 Is Here! &Raquo; Screen Shot 2022 09 18 At 2.23.49 Pm

iOS 16 Is Here!

Apple released iOS 16 this past week; WOW, there are some neat upgrades. So far I have only been able to download it to my iPhone, not my iPad. I’m sure iOS for iPads will be released soon. Here are several options we at BoomerTECH Adventures are especially excited about. Battery One of the changes […]

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