1. Adaptability and Resiliency Louise Neil & Kim Romain 40:09

While the world is always in a state of change, the past 2-1/2 years have thrown a spotlight on just how quickly things can (and do) change – in our lives, our workplaces, our communities… everywhere.

We often hear the words adaptability and resiliency as being key components to success in this ever-changing world. Often, they are used interchangeably. And yet, they are different and serve different purposes.

In this week’s show, Kim & Louise talk about what adaptability and resiliency are, how they overlap, and how they are different yet both important to thriving in times of change and transition.

Show Notes:
Welcome and hellos:
*Weekly Wrap-Up (00:45)
*Introduction to this week’s topic: Adaptability and Resiliency (8:42)
*Creativity and flexibility help you bend in a difficult environment instead of break. (10:33)
*Resilience is being self-aware of what you need and then being able to express that to the world. (17:22)
*Adaptability and resiliency are yin and yang. (19:43)
*There are ways to practice building resiliency as an individual (22:07)
*Optimism considers all options and is a skill you can learn. (24:49)
*Organizations are historically adaptable but not resilient. To make an organization resilient the workforce must thrive. (29:39)
*Golden Nuggets (35:16)
*Next week’s topic: Creating meaningful work (38:05)

10 New Traits of Emotionally Resilient People, Brad Waters, Psychology Today, 12/8/2018

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