1. Vaibhav Pai - Unlocking the Secrets of Shape in Biology Tyler Gleckler 46:29

Dr. Vaibhav Pai is a Senior Research Scientist with the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University. The Allen Discovery Center investigates the reading and writing of the Morphogenetic Code – how networks of cells communicate to create and repair complex anatomical shapes. Dr. Pai explores the role of bioelectrical signaling, aiming to answer a key question within what is often considered the “dark matter of biology”: how information processing in cells implements robust control of large-scale patterning. Combining many tools and disciplines, his work offers numerous potential applications in regenerative medicine, cancer treatment, and bioengineering. 

My name is Tyler Gleckler, I am a chemist by education, and the host of the Wiser Tomorrow Podcast. I am part of a generation who grew up watching and sometimes even idolizing online figures who championed science, education, and intellectualism. From Dr. Philip Mason to Professor Richard Dawkins, my teenage years were heavily influenced by these people and their ideas, and am evidence of their impact. In my search of a happy and productive career, I’ve come to realize that my dream is to share knowledge, foster curiosity, and highlight those who lead by example.