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Ep 8. Raising Successful Kids Skill #3 – Flexible Thinking

  1. Ep 8. Raising Successful Kids Skill #3 - Flexible Thinking Cara Tyrrell Founder of Core4Parenting & The Collaborative Parenting Methodology 10:20

Welcome back to the Executive Functioning Minisode Series highlighting the skills our kids need to practice consistently to set them up for success in school and life!

Today we dive into Skill #3- Flexible Thinking. Learning how to think flexibly within our routines helps our kids engage their creative brain and make executive decisions. 

Listen to previous episodes where we discussed:

Skill #1 – Waiting

Skill #2 – Emotional Regulation

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Cara Tyrrell Podcast Host, Keynote Speaker

Cara Tyrrell, M.Ed is a Vermont based Early Childhood Educator, Collaborative Parenting Coach, and the founder of Core4Parenting™,. She is the passionate mastermind behind the Collaborative Parenting Methodology, a birth-to-five, soul and science based framework that empowers parents to maximize their child’s early learning while raising fantastic human beings who succeed in school and life.

While teaching preschool and Kindergarten, she noticed her students knew their ABC’s and 123’s, but struggled with their social, emotional, and interpersonal skills. At drop off, parents would say, “We’re so glad that you are their first teacher”, but she knew she wasn’t -- their parents were! This realization led to her professional pivot as an online Early Childhood Parent Educator and Coach.

Cara has embraced her role as thought leader and fierce advocate for Pandemic parents raising the COVID Generation (GEN-C).

Through keynotes, teacher training, and her podcast, Transforming the Toddler Years, she’s teaching the 5 Executive Functioning Skills kids need to navigate our ever-changing world.

Cara has Bachelor degrees in American Sign Language (ASL) and Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Education. She lives in southern Vermont with her two nearly grown-and-flown daughters and a husband who is her biggest cheerleader. Ready to raise world ready kids who change the world? Visit www.caratyrrell.com/bio to begin your Collaborative Parenting journey!

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