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July 2nd, 2024

EP261 JAccelerate Your Business Growth through Acquisition with Jeff Villwock

Accelerate Your Business Growth through Acquisition with Jeff Villwock

Introduction: In this episode of Profit With A Plan, Marcia Riner dives into the powerful strategy of business acquisition. Discover how acquiring existing businesses can be a shortcut to expansion, financial stability, and long-term success. Joining her is Jeff Villwock, an expert with over 40 years in the investment banking industry and CEO of Rittenhouse Book Distributors LLC.

Key Topics Covered:

Introduction to Business Acquisition:

Benefits of acquiring existing businesses.
Shortcuts to expansion and financial stability.
Real-world examples of successful acquisitions.

Jeff Villwock’s Expertise:

Jeff’s background and career highlights in investment banking and healthcare services.
His experience with over $2.5 billion in transactions.
The transition from investment analyst to forming his own investment banking firm.

Understanding the Acquisition Process:

Navigating M&A transactions.
Raising capital for acquisitions.
Identifying the right opportunities and evaluating businesses for purchase.

Finding the Right Business to Acquire:

Strategies to locate underperforming but valuable businesses.
Utilizing platforms like LinkedIn to identify potential targets.
Building relationships with potential sellers and understanding their motivations.

Overcoming Common Obstacles:

Addressing concerns like funding and integration.
The role of SBA programs and asset-based lending in financing acquisitions.
Importance of thorough due diligence and having an expert advisor.

Real-World Success Stories:

Jeff’s involvement in significant acquisitions, such as Iasis Healthcare and Surgis LLC.
Recent examples of successful client acquisitions facilitated by Jeff.

Post-Acquisition Integration:

Ensuring smooth transitions and maximizing the value of the acquired business.
Strategies for trimming costs and enhancing profitability.

Long-Term Growth and Wealth Creation:

How business acquisition can significantly boost your net worth.
The importance of focusing on long-term growth and exit strategies.

Call to Action: Listeners are encouraged to explore acquisition opportunities to grow their businesses. Jeff Villwock offers his expertise through his platform, the Acquisitions Professor. Find out more about how Jeff can assist with your acquisition needs at or

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About Marcia Riner.  She is a business growth strategist who helps business owners dramatically increase their revenue, profit, and the value of their company. In fact, she can show prospective clients a clear pathway to profit and an impactful ROI for working here before hiring her firm. Through her proven Profit Booster® strategies, she gets results. Marcia is the CEO of Infinite Profit® and more information can be found at

Got questions?  Reach out to Marcia and her team at (949) 229-2112 ♾️

Marcia Riner Business Growth Strategist

Marcia Riner is a nationally recognized business growth strategist. Business Owners come to Marcia looking to exponentially boost their revenue and profitability without spending an additional dollar on marketing or advertising. In fact, she is able to show prospective clients a clear ROI to working with her before they decide to hire her. Don't believe it? Let her prove it to you in just a few minutes.

Marcia is a visionary and expert in business growth, increasing profitability, preparing your business for a future sale. She hosts her weekly PROFIT With A Plan podcast with videos on YouTube @ and audio @ She is constantly sharing business growth tips on all of her social channels @marciariner.

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