1. SE3: EP13 How to Look Kick-Ass FANTASTIC in Menopause Clarissa Kristjansson 25:25

The idea that Menopause should stop you from being your fabulous self is a myth. I am joined this week by Abbey Booth from Stories with Clothes and we bust the stereotype that entering Menopause means entering a chapter of shapeless outfits devoid of all personal style. Abbey is a qualified professional stylist specialising in empowering women to look and feel kick-ass FANTASTIC!!

Abbey has over ten years of experience within the Fashion industry from running her own boutique to writing for national publications, featuring on the BBC, dressing backstage at London Fashion Week and teaching at The London College of Style!

Abbey shared her experience and passion for body shape confidence and her best tips on how to dress as we age and often change shapes, and sizes.

How we can regain our style mojo so that we can all look kick-ass fantastic, and feel empowered, confident, and sexy.

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Clarissa Kristjansson Independant Podcaster

At 62 Clarissa Kristjansson knows that menopause can be positive, transformational and an upgrade in our creativity. Clarissa is an internationally recognized menopause educator, third-age women's health coach, and certified mindfulness and medical qi gong practitioner.

A neuroscientist and former corporate high-flyer it was her own perimenopause experience that set her on a different path to empower women. And by cracking open the conversation about our beliefs and behaviour we can shift the collective mindset to seeing menopause not as the end but as an opportunity for reinvention and revitalization.

She is the host of the popular Thriving Thru Menopause podcast.