1. 167. Mystical Bees - Jacqueline Freeman and Susan Knilans Kara Goodwin 1:08:38

Are honeybees tiny mystics? What do they have to teach us?

Does conventional beekeeping have it all backwards?

Is beekeeping as we know it actually harming bees and our entire ecosystem?

Susan Knilans and Jacqueline Freeman are beekeeper pioneers who have tapped into the mystical nature of the honeybee. They have co-authored the new book, What Bees Want: Beekeeping as Nature Intended. This conversation is less about the practical application of beekeeping, and more about the dynamic between humanity and the honeybee. There are frankly very shocking realizations in this episode about how harmful conventional beekeeping is for bees! Which is really difficult for me to hear considering I have been beekeeping in the conventional way for two years. 

If you are not a beekeeper, I strongly encourage you to listen to this episode anyway. There is so much expansive information provided by the guests which goes way beyond beekeeping. Like the honeybee itself, this conversation is multidimensional! Here’s a breakdown on what we talk about:

  • How Susan and Jacqueline got into bee centric beekeeping.
  • Micheal Joshin Thiele’s episode 
  • How Jacqueline receives transmissions from the bees, which contained knowledge she didn’t previously have.
  • What is the difference between conventional beekeeping and a bee centric approach, and what is the difference in behavior between bees who are kept each way?
  • The consciousness of bees, including their ancestral memory.
  • How to keep the hive healthy, naturally and holistically.
  • How can you help bees, even if you aren’t a beekeeper?
  • The sacrament/medicine of honey.





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