1. Constructive Criticism: Can We Observe Ourselves Objectively? Jeffrey Besecker 1:09:20

Constructive criticism.

Why does it often seem to so hard to find clear, direct, and honest feedback – And even more so, why is it that we can be so hard on ourselves?

This podcast examines the difficulties of finding constructive criticism and how deconstructive criticism can lead to negative feedback loops, so-called demoralizing situations. The host looks at pattern interruption as a tool to break free from negativity, and also considers the triggers of self-loathing such as trauma, perfectionism, false expectations, and social comparisons.

On this episode of The Light Inside, host Jeffrey Besecker and his guest, conscious communication coach Jem Fuller, explore the topics of constructive criticism, inner self-talk, and repetitive thought cycles leading to the development of self-hatred.

What can cause self-hatred, and how do we break out of its vicious cycle?

On The Light Inside, host Jeffrey Besecker talks to coach Jem Fuller about the difference between constructive and deconstructive criticism and how we can interrupt our negative thought patterns. 

Jem and I discuss several core unconscious behavioral patterns ranging from trauma, perfectionism, social comparisons, false expectations, and more.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Healthy Self-Criticism
  • The power of question everything
  • How our trauma can linger neurologically
  • Finding meaning in suffering
  • Rewiring our beliefs
  • Non-judgmental observation
  • Identify our core values
  • Cahllenging our self-limiting beliefs

Featured Guest:Jem Fuller


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