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A Mid-Year Review

  1. A Mid-Year Review Rebekah Scott 17:31

In this week’s episode of The Encourager Podcast, we’re diving into a powerful Mid-Year Reflection Guide designed to help you make the last half of the year your best comeback ever! Join me as we explore a 10-question guide (plus one BONUS question) to set you up for success.

Episode Highlights:

  • 10-Question Reflection Guide: Reflect on what has brought you to this point and plan for a strong finish to the year.
  • BONUS Question: An extra prompt to help you dig even deeper into your goals and aspirations.
  • FREE Printable Guide: We’ve provided a simple, printable guide for you to use during your reflection.
  • Faith-Focused Reflection: Invite Jesus into the process, asking Him to help you let go of goals that no longer serve you and rev up those that align with your heart and purpose.
  • Six-Month Focus: Use the remaining months of the year to make meaningful changes, accomplish your dreams, or simply rest and reset.

Visit to download your free review guide and get started today!

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Listen in and let’s make the most of the rest of the year together!

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Rebekah Scott Mom, Wife, Designer and Coach

Rebekah Scott is a wife, mother, author, coach and designer. With more than 15 years of running multiple different brands, she understands the need for order, systems and fun in the everyday!

After customers and other moms kept asking “How do you do it?” –Rebekah wanted to show them the way to run both work and home life well and WITH joy. She created “The Encourager’ podcast and Encourager academy as tools to use for each individual seeking a more harmonious mix of both work and home life. Using several different systems catered to each individual’s unique family make up- you are able to go from overwhelmed and chaotic to decisive and confident.

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