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  1. Coaching Series: Leadership of Self and Business - Overcoming Boredom with Dorothy Martin Neville, Ep #60 Gabe Nelson and Dorothy Martin Neville 44:53

To succeed in your business and further yourself you have to create the right mindset. My guest, Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, Ph.D., has learned about the power of mindset firsthand and through her teachings. Her success hinged on her curiosity and her ability to reframe the stories she told herself. 

I’m so excited for you to hear this conversation! You’ll be fascinated by Dorothy’s inspiring story and be ready to take action to improve your mindset and reframe your stories. Press play now to listen to these words of wisdom.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Dorothy’s story [1:52]
  • How too much success affected Dorothy [11:21]
  • Creating a mindset to keep going [14:50]
  • Building a mindset for success [20:15]
  • How reframing your stories can change your future [23:24]
  • The money questions [30:15]

How Dorothy transitioned from being an orphan to becoming a nun to becoming a pioneer in integrative health

Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, Ph.D. wasn’t always an international speaker, best-selling author, Executive Leadership Coach, and a world-class pioneer in integrative health. She had a long and arduous journey that started in an orphanage and led her to the housing projects of South Boston. These challenging formative years gave her an inner strength that many people can only dream of. She remarks that after her difficult upbringing, success was her only option. 

After graduating from a non-accredited Catholic high school, the only positive future that Dorothy felt she could attain at the time was to become a Catholic nun. Once she achieved this goal, her sense of adventure led her to become an international airline stewardess. 

When she divorced her husband and became a single mom, Dorothy knew that she would have to figure out how to make ends meet on her own, so she put herself through graduate school and became a wildly successful therapist. Listen in to discover how her work in therapy led to her creating a college course and how she has now become a pioneer in integrative health. 

Don’t ask why, ask why not

Despite, or perhaps because of, Dorothy’s humble upbringing, she always knew she wanted more. She had the curiosity and the mindset to see more of the world and to strive for more. Instead of asking herself why should I do that, she asked why not? The question why not led her to see the world as an airline stewardess, to seek work that feeds her soul, and to make the world a better place through her pioneering work in integrative healthcare. 

Reframe your stories 

Burnout comes when we forget who we are. It is easy to get lost in where you are now. One way to combat this is to reflect on your feelings and emotions. Periods of reflection give you permission to develop the mindset to remember your own spiritual journey and walk your own path. Upon reflection, you’ll realize that you can choose your emotions and reframe the way you create your stories. 

The life that you have created is not who you are rather the life that you created is because of who you are. Your mindset defines the stories you tell yourself and what you can accomplish. Think about how your stories are limiting your life. How could you tame the monkeys in your mind and reframe your stories to go beyond your self-imposed limits?

Listen to this episode with Dorothy Martin Neville to help you take a peek into your own mind so that you can break free of your self-imposed limits.

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