1. Pros of Investing Together with Travis Smith Alex Escobar 32:49

In this episode, we are joined by Tribevest CEO Travis Smith, Travis dreams about building generational wealth that forever alters our family’s financial trajectory. After seeing how difficult it was for most people to build wealth. Travis Believes that he can offer services and space to people to pool together and invest their money in different opportunities outside the traditional stock market. Before building Tribevest Travis was a top financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. Armed with his wealth management training, he became a thought leader in the FinTech industry focused on digital payments. He left the strategic alliance team at Jack Henry & Assoc., a multibillion-dollar FinTech company and core software for thousands of banks. Through these experiences, he discovered it was exponentially more fun to disrupt the reigning wealth management institutions than to be part of them. Through Tribevest, Travis seeks to empower everyday people through accessible group investing.

[00:01 – 12:14] Tribevest: The Alternative Investment That Could Change Your Life

  • Travis shares how he started.
    • His Background in Financing
    • Working in the financial technology space
    • Starting Tribevest
  • How to Invest as a Tribe
  • How to Form a Tribe of Investing Friends to Achieve Financial Independence

[12:15 – 23:37] Avoiding the Mistakes of Your Past

  • Zoom in on your investment strategy with Zoom Tribe
    • Easier to scale your business with a tribe.
    • Working together as a tribe such as; making a decision together, having an expert from the tribe on the different subject matter, or putting collaborative efforts into a term.
  • Travis insights on how Tribevest works
    • What assets do people invest in
    • How the company helps avoid mistakes made by its members
    • Services that help members to learn about investing and forming entities.

[23:38 – 30:50] Leveling Up is Hard, but It’s Worth it

  • Having a clear expectation to level up as a group
  • Doctors forming tribes to Scale Business
  • How to invest like Pro: Travis Talks Syndication.

[30:50 – 32:47] Closing Segment

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Tweetable Quotes:

“When it comes to scaling your business, when it comes to getting into a new type of investment, pull together with your colleagues” – Travis Smith

“We’re building a scalable platform, so, you can do everything on the platform yourself, that’s how we’re going to put, a big dent in this universe.” – Travis Smith



Alex is a Realtor and an investor that buys income producing apartment buildings and offers the opportunity for others to partner with him, sometimes for less cash than it would take to buy a single family investment property.

In addition to co-hosting the Screw The Stockmarket podcast, Aziz is an avid investor and burgeoning entrepreneur, with a deep interest in long-term financial growth opportunities. He is also a trained legal professional, and an expert international development and business advisor.