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September 12th, 2023

SEO Made Easy With Jennifer DeRosa

  1. SEO Made Easy With Jennifer DeRosa Sales Made Easy 35:51

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In this episode of Sales Made Easy, our guest, Jennifer DeRosa, shares valuable insights on SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Jennifer provides expert tips on how to optimize web pages and improve search engine rankings.

Jennifer emphasizes the importance of understanding the user’s search intent when optimizing a website. By refining search queries and focusing on low-competition keywords, businesses can increase their chances of being returned as relevant results.

To attract more visitors, Jennifer highlights the significance of creating a lot of content and optimizing web pages. Each page acts as a raffle ticket to drive traffic, so businesses should aim to create more pages. Additionally, she suggests looking for unlinked brand mentions and building backlinks through guest blogging, contributing to local newspapers, and joining relevant organizations.

During the episode, Jennifer discusses the concept of website scores and domain authority. Backlinks play a crucial role in boosting domain authority. She explains that reputable sources linking to your website increases visibility and popularity, ultimately improving search engine rankings.

Jennifer also provides listeners with an overview of her Coaching business, Toto SEO, which offers guidance and support in building and optimizing websites for SEO. Through live Coaching sessions, participants can ask questions, discuss challenges, and receive valuable insights.

Throughout the episode, Jennifer highlights the importance of understanding the buyer persona and aligning website content and keywords with customer goals and problems. By creating high-quality, engaging content, businesses can increase user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and encourage visitors to stay on the website.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to improve your website’s visibility or a marketer exploring SEO strategies, this episode of Sales Made Easy is filled with practical advice and actionable tips to enhance your online presence. Tune in and learn from Jennifer’s expertise in SEOmp3!

Jennifer is offering all listeners of this podcast a free download that will show you how you can check your Domain Authority and your Backlink Profile: A guide to improving your search rankings, increase traffic, and sustain online success.


Harry Spaight Founder of Selling With Dignity

Harry Spaight is a leading keynote speaker, author, and sales consultant who has achieved remarkable success in sales. With over 20 years of experience in hypercompetitive sales environments, Harry has sold and led teams to tens of millions in sales. Coupled with his experience as a former missionary, Harry has a unique perspective on how to sell without being pushy.

Harry works with individuals and businesses who want to step up their sales, so they can thrive.
He is the author of “Selling with Dignity” and is the host of the “Sales Made Easy” podcast.

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